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Can you teach a dog to drive a car?

Asked by ragingloli (49151points) October 17th, 2019

The machine being adjusted to its anatomy, of course.
Can you teach the dog to purposefully use the accelerator, brakes, and steering wheel?
Has it been done already?

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It is of course possible, but if they are then overtaken by a motorbike they’ll jump out & chase it down the road leaving the car driverless & an obvious hazard to all other motorists.

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Yes, but will he learn? That’s the question.

And how would you teach him to do parallel barking? Or backing into a barking space?

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My guess is yes, dogs are smart enough to learn how to drive a car if it’s rigged to suit their body parts. Go, stop, turn.

But doubtful if they would learn to drive exactly like a human driving in a human environment.

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They tried this in New Zealand a few years ago.

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Maybe,but will he still want to hit every single tree on the road?

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I remember it as a dependable act in circuses when I was a kid. Not only dogs, but bears or sometimes monkeys in “cars” sized appropriately.

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A bit unrelated, but this scenario reminds me of a crazy story idea I had. It was about a crazy scientist who wanted to “upgrade” animals’ brain capacity to turn them into specialized workers because there were things that AIs couldn’t do like passing judgments. The experiments failed because there was a limit of how much the brains could be upgraded and the mere idea of experimenting on animals were too cruel for the public.

So I guess if something like that did happen, that could be how we teach dogs to drive, assuming that we are both thinking about the level of competence :P

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Trust me, I’ve been trying with little luck. Now that I’ve got two, I figured one could work the peddles while the other steers. Too bad their communication skills are shit.

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