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Objectively speaking, does anyone see a way out for Trump?

Asked by stanleybmanly (20674points) 1 month ago

Aren’t things only going to get worse?

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NO clue how he does it, but he ALWAYS seems to come out on top!!!

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There’s this .

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Only if he quits and possibly stops the investigation, but not sure if he did so if he would be investigated anyways.

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In a normal world the answer would be no freaking way. But the world has been a house of mirrors since he was elected.

Did you know that the US and Italy have a relationship going back thousands of years, back to ancient Rome? Sounds like some one tried to explain where the model for our democracy originated. WAY over his head.

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@Zaku That would appear ideal except it’s obvious that some stooge would be assigned to touch the wire.

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The cowardly booger would inflict the suicide option on some other minion as well.

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Of course, he’s got money, power and lots of friends. My guess is he’ll be just fine.

@Dutchess You’re right, lots of smoke and mirrors.

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Some said he’s special needs. Someone is spot on.

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The current Democrat presidential candidate roster

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Resign from all ventures. Give all his money to charity and become a buddist monk.

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