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What is your favorite starch and how do you like it prepared?

Asked by jca2 (10870points) October 18th, 2019

Starch, typically potatoes, rice, bread, pasta, but many others. Read on, cut from Wikipedia: Starch is the most common carbohydrate in the human diet and is contained in many staple foods. The major sources of starch intake worldwide are the cereals (rice, wheat, and maize) and the root vegetables (potatoes and cassava).[45] Many other starchy foods are grown, some only in specific climates, including acorns, arrowroot, arracacha, bananas, barley, breadfruit, buckwheat, canna, colocasia, katakuri, kudzu, malanga, millet, oats, oca, polynesian arrowroot, sago, sorghum, sweet potatoes, rye, taro, chestnuts, water chestnuts and yams, and many kinds of beans, such as favas, lentils, mung beans, peas, and chickpeas.
Widely used prepared foods containing starch are bread, pancakes, cereals, noodles, pasta, porridge and tortilla.

What is your favorite and how do you like it prepared?

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Boil them, mash them, stick them in a stew.

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It’s almost impossible for me to pick one.

When I was a kid I think I would have said potatoes.

Now, I might say rice, but pasta is right up there too. I like white rice best. It’s the yummiest when made with some salt, a little garlic, and oil or shortening, but I like sticky rice too. I love rice with steak, pork, chicken, lamb, almost every type of protein. Almost all dishes that Americans typically put with potatoes I often prefer with rice. Most American restaurants don’t have a plain rice option. I don’t think I’ve ever been to an American steakhouse that has a white rice side option.

The only things I don’t eat with rice is Italian dishes that have a red sauce, which I believe are better served with pasta, and if I have mear with gravy, like sliced turkey.

I even like hotdogs with rice.

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Boiled, mashed, fried, baked, peeled or unpeeled.
Bintjes, Eigenheimers, Elstar, Diamond, ‘Parisians’, ‘krieltjes’.

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If I had to choose between rice and pasta, I guess it would have to be pasta. I could eat pasta every day if it wouldn’t lead to morbid obesity.

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French bread. I love it but have not had it in a long time.

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I get teeth on Thursday.. Finally. Dentures take a long time to get made when you are poor.

When I can chew again the first thing I am eating is crazy bread from little ceasers.

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Classic jasmine white.

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Starchky and Husk corn soup. Love it.

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Potatoes…I just love them. A couple of days each week I put two small potatoes in the crock pot a couple hours before I want to eat. I don’t even have a plan, but by dinner I think of something to do with them. I even like them just cut with salt and pepper.

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mashed potatoes with cheese! Roasted potatoes made with garlic is also a close second.

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