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Zeppelin, Stones, Beatles, Who Day: Which is your favorite and what songs do you like?

Asked by jca2 (16460points) October 18th, 2019

When I was a kid, the local radio station (NYC Rock station) would have “Zeppelin, Stones, Beatles, Who Day” which was a day, now and then, where they played nothing but Led Zep, Beatles, Rolling Stones and The Who, all day long. I found that sooo boring and I wasn’t into it which is why I turned to R&B, Disco and New Wave.

Now, if I had to pick, I’d pick the Stones.

Which would you pick, if you had to choose from the four, and what are your song preferences from your choice of the 4?

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I would pick The Who.
Then The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Stones.

Pinball Wizard

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Zeppelin and by a huge margin.

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I would love a day long medley of those four, which approximates some of my favorite playlists.

40% Beatles
25% The Who
20% Led Zeppelin
15% Stones

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The Beatles are my favorite & there are so many songs that I love.I can’t pick one.
The Who- Won’t Get Fooled again-good live show
The Rolling Stones was the worst concert I ever saw but I still like them better than Zeppelin.
RP’s voice enrages me. XD

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@lucillelucillelucille I have that with Jagger.
And Dion.

Shit, I just imagined a duet with these two….

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@rebbel- The stuff of nightmares?
Here’s a Zeppelin song for you:
It’s one of the few I can stand as it doesn’t sound like them Lol!

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That’s not sounding very ledzeppelinesque…

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Another for Zeppelin.

Too many great songs to list individually but Babe I’m Going to Leave You, Dazed & Confused, Communication Breakdown, Ramble On, Immigrant Song, etc…

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The Beatles have the most songs on my iPod.
Next is The Who, then the Stones. Zepplin only has Kashmir.

The Beatles have too many great songs for me to pick a favorite, but I’ll mention Yer Blues and Revolution.

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@filmfann -Excellent taste in music! :)

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@Caravanfan She really had some fun, good song, too.
Zep is still my only box set, I love it.

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The Who for sure. My favorite song would probably be “See Me Feel Me/Listening to You” off their Tommy album. Which is one of my favorite all time albums.

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I Can See for Miles and Miles, The Who

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