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Is there some "suicide" charity that doesn't try to talk you out of it?

Asked by luigirovatti (1334points) 3 weeks ago

I believe that everyone has the right to live or die on his/her own terms. Provided it isn’t under duress, and doesn’t hurt anyone else, I believe it’s absolutely their decision to end their lives. In fact, I’d like for them to listen, not to act. I’d like for them to be there right up until their last breath (I mean, if that’s what the caller requests.). Now, what’s the answer to the question?

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Not to my knowledge. Unless you would be willing to join Isis or Al Qaeda.

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In the US, there used to be an organization called The Hemlock Society. Over the years, they have morphed into something called Compassion and Choices see their link primarily because of the large number of Alzheimer and dementia cases.

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Yes, in the Netherlands there are.
There’s this one.
And this one.

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There’s a difference between physician-assisted suicide for terminal patients in chronic pain and someone who is suffering emotionally and wants to die. The latter is treatable, and therefore it would be immoral to not try to help them. I found this group that seems to advocate for end-of-life policy.

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There is a reason they call it suicide prevention.

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The person who is suffering emotionally may only THINK they want to die. They usually change their minds at the last second, but it’s too late at that point for some.

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And how would you know that?

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Just from stories I’ve heard. My mom tried to commit suicide twice when I was a teenager. My daughter half heartedly attempted it about 5 years ago, then changed her mind.

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So, basically you want a hotline that will goad someone who’s unsure into killing themselves.

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I don’t fully understand the question. Or, rather the details. Does the OP just want someone to talk to, while they commit suicide? If that’s the case, a phone sex number would probably work.

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I know some counselors who might tend not to just go into “prevent suicide” mode.

They probably don’t advertise that because there are so many people who are so loud and insistent about making suicidal ideas wrong .

But I think it can be more effective, even from a perspective of wanting the highest rate of recovery and not attempting suicide, to counsel suicidal people with respect that includes accepting people might have the right to choose suicide rather than automatically reacting to suicidal ideas as something to shut down immediately and medicate, restrain, etc.

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This question shows a gross misunderstanding of suicide.

Physician assisted suicide for terminally ill patients is a completely different matter.

Suicide happens when the pain exceeds coping mechanisms to deal with the pain. Suicide in this case is not a desire to die. It is a desire for the pain to end.

I have been there. I have been in that black pit where no light shines. There’s not even a pin prick of light. I was saved by the phone ringing. The fact I answered the phone at the last minutes means I wanted help. I did not want to die. In that moment, I did not know how to ask for help.

I now work in mental health and know quite a bit about suicide prevention. For example, it’s best to actually use the word suicide when speaking to a person you suspect of being suicidal. Don’t ask if they are thinking of hurting themselves. They don’t want to hurt. They want the hurt to end. Ask them directly if they’re suicidal or thinking of killing themselves. Then you gauge the level of commitment by asking questions about means and plans. Then you determine the best way to get help.

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Societal views of suicide are outdated.
Who the hell do people think they are, choosing either life or death for another? It is positively primitive to think we cannot do fine without those humans who would prefer to end their lives.

In the far distant past suicide was a problem because if nothing else people were needed for diversification of the gene pool.

The only reasons suicide is still on lawbooks are
1. Makes it slightly tougher for homicide to hide behind a suicide theory.

2. If government conceded that suicide is okay, it would only be a short hop to deciding which lives have greater value. However, if we don’t soon decline population growths, we will be stuck with just such a scenario, choosing who has enough value to allow life.

Suicides who mean it, by the way, don’t back out at the last minute. Those who back out are the cry for help crowd. People who truly want to die usually get ‘er done.

Why is it so ludicrous to most that someone leaving might not want someone with them until? When visitors leave our home do we not usually escort them to the door?

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I believe that everyone has the right to live or die on his/her own terms. Provided it isn’t under duress, and doesn’t hurt anyone else, I believe it’s absolutely their decision to end their lives.

and doesn’t hurt anyone else” is the caveat. As long as there is a family member or friend, somebody will be hurt. Those left behind will be hurt the most. I don’t know of any group that will talk with you while you try to die. Most will try to talk you out of it. In the US, assisted suicide is illegal in most states and even those you must have a terminal illness. So, why would some stranger be willing to talk with you until you die? I had a friend who tried 13 times. She was unsuccessful 12 of those times. I think that the 13th time that she thought she would survive but she was wrong. Her husband and daughter suffered their hurt for years because of her decision.

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I believe that everyone has the right to live or die on his/her own terms.
Just because you believe so doesn’t make it completely moral to do so.

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It might be suicide but it’s also murder, and there are laws against murder. Suicide is an act of insanity, so it’s only normal that people try to prevent/stop it.

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Well. Suicide, can be a very selfish act. @Hawaii_Jake nailed it. People who commit suicide, are trying to end their suffering. But… Killing yourself, causes a lot of pain for others. People wonder why their friends /family didn’t reach out to them. It often catches everyone off guard.
I’ve had an uncle, and two friends kill themselves. It has left me in a perpetual state of pain. Could I have done something to help them? I will never know.

I attempted it myself, when I was 19. I had a note written, and was busy taking every pill I could find, in my family’s medicine cabinet. It just so happens that my father walked into the kitchen, in the process. Long story short, I ended up in the ER, getting my stomach pumped. It became apparent that my action, would have hurt a lot of people. My father would have killed himself. My mother would have probably just died of grief. My friends would have been severely damaged. My whole world, would have been rocked, by my decision.

I just wasn’t thinking about that, at the time.

Perhaps the OP should consider the ramifications, of what they’re considering doing.

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I don’t think it’s a question of chosing life or death for another, @Patty_Melt. Suicide prevention hotlines are designed to help people really, really think about it….because it can’t be undone. I think for anyone contemplating suicide, that wishes for someone ”.. to be there right up until their last breath” is pretty damn selfish. It would be horrifying to listen to someone die.

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The second time my mom attempted suicide just flat pissed me off. The first time scared me and made me cry. The second time just pissed me off. I had to help dad get her in the car. We put her in the middle. We had to drive 30 miles to the hospital and she kept slamming her foot onto Dad’s foot on the accelerator. She didn’t give a flying fuck if she killed us. I screamed at her for that. I screamed, “What about US, your children, Mom??!!” I was 16 at the time and my sisters were 12 and 13. She screamed she didn’t give a fuck about us. “FUCK YOU ALL!”
I get tired of being told I have to feel sorry for people who don’t honestly give a fuck about anything or anyone but themselves.

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That sucks Dutch. It hurts my heart, to hear that story…

One of my friends who killed himself, was a Veterinarian. In his first attempt at killing himself, he drank a bottle of euthasol. An injectable chemical, designed to kill mammals. He was found, almost dead, with a .45 cal handgun in his lap. His legs were crossed, and his right side of his body was sunburned, from sitting against a building.
I have no idea what the gun was for. No idea why he wanted to die. He had just had lasix surgery, to make him see normally, and took survival skills courses. He had also just gotten married. He worked at the Emergency Veterinarian Hospital, that I worked at, at the time. We all loved him. He was kind, and a VERY good doctor. He was a good man. He has a great heart.
They only found him before he died, because he texted his wife goodbye. She drove two hours to find him, and when she did, he was pretty much dead. He was taken to the ER, and ended up in ICU, for a month. The doctors weren’t sure how to treat him. Nobody had ever drank euthasol. He had a trachea tube placed, and was in a coma, for weeks. We all visited him ,over, and over. We cried our eyes out, all the time. In fact, I’ve got tears in my eyes right now, just talking about it. His newly wed wife, stayed with him, the whole time. I saw her every time I went to visit him, in the ICU. She told me, he was always the happiest, when he was working with us. Helping animals, and saving them.
I consider myself an expert at reading people. But I NEVER picked up any level of depression from him. He was an ex military guy. Always calm, and was a brilliant emergency surgeon. He went above, and beyond, to save wildlife, and stray animals.
We had a stray kitten come in once, that had been mauled by a dog. Any other vet, would have euthanized it. I have a soft spot for orange cats, and he could tell that I wanted this one to live, and I would have adopted it. So. He did everything he could, to save it’s life, despite it’s injuries. In the end, it died on the operating table. I cried my eyes out, when we couldn’t save him. But I knew, we did everything we could, because of that doctor. He consoled me… Because it was a stray, he didn’t make a penny off of his hours of work, to save it. He did what he could, because of my feelings. He was just a great fucking guy.

When we found out that he had tried to kill himself, it hurt me deeply. And I visited him often, in the ICU. Often, I just cried, with his wife, and told her how amazing he was.

He eventually recovered. He had lost the use of one of his legs, from having his legs crossed, while he lay dying. He was fired from our hospital, because he stole the euthasol(a controlled substance,)that he tried to kill himself with.

He later worked, at a regular veterinary clinic, for several years. But I eventually found out that he had killed himself, with a hand gun.

None of it made any sense.
Why fix your eyes, get married, and take survival courses, just to kill yourself?
His death, left a dark stain, on everyone who worked with him’s heart.

My uncle killed himself, because he couldn’t stop stealing from his mother. He was hooked on crack.

My other friend, killed himself on the birthday, of one our friend’s, who had recently died. That was just a year ago.

All of these suicides, are arrows in my heart, that cannot be removed.

My point is that killing yourself, hurts everyone you know…

Sorry for the long rant…

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That’s OK @MrGrimm888. Yes, it hurts every single person around you. It affects their thinking. It send the wrong message to impressionable children of how to deal with things in life. I had a sister who tried to pretend suicide when she was 14. She suffers from depression to this day (the one who makes the scary art.) Whether that depression is from a chemical imbalance, or from watching the way Mom handled things (in a blind rage half the time, because that’s how her father handled things) who knows?

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Life, is chaotic. The universe, is chaotic.

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It is. And it’s on you to keep it as calm as you can for people who depend on you.

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Or at least, not make it worse.

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Well, kids aren’t born suicidal. They become that way most like due to mental or physical abuse in their childhood, most often perpetuated by family.

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Family, or environment.

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Yes, true. Especially when they get older and the opinion of peers takes on absurd importance.

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The opinions of peers, should be of little importance. However, we are human. So… Such things do matter…

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Exactly. Most of us don’t have the self confidence to just let it roll of of us. I did, though. Maybe that’s another reason I loved school, when so many others called it “hell.”

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School, was very similar to prison for me. Until college.

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And did you let the teasing or whatever, get to you?

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Teasing, wasn’t fun. It was getting my ass kicked, that sucked.
I have to admit, that I would not be the man I am today without it though. I worked out, lifted weights, and studied multiple martial arts, to make sure it couldn’t happen again. Haven’t had my ass kicked in over two decades now, no matter what the situation was… I’ve been punched, stabbed, shot at etc, but all that training really paid off…

Teasing now, pfft. I don’t care. I’ll talk shit right back. I actually met one of my high school bullies a couple years ago, when I was the head of security, at a big music venue. I told some of my guys “that guy used to bully me,” right to his face. He behaved himself quite well. I insinuated, that I would take that into consideration, if he didn’t. He apparently was afraid of me now. In a way, I wish he had given me a reason to stomp a puddle in his ass. But he shrank to my words. Typical bully…

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Um… Wouldn’t this be… illegal? A teenager or somebody is contemplating suicide, and you don’t talk them out of it. They then end up killing themselves. You become the reason for the suicide, so you indirectly kill them.

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It would only been legal,if my bully misbehaved.
But you are correct, It would have been out of line, if he didn’t act in a way that deserved an ass kicking. But he behaved himself, and left untouched.

I didn’t break the law, ever. But I would have tuned him up extra, if he acted like he did in high school. I’m not not like he was…

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Edit. I misunderstood the last comment, because my screen was flickering in, and out.

Please disregard my post..

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@Nevada83 How could it be proven?

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^If inaction, was the only evidence, there is no case…

Telling/suggesting someone take their own life, has been relevant, in some recent cases…

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Yes, because the idiots who were cruelly pushing them to do it put it on social media. There is your proof.

Dutchess_III's avatar

I’m pointing out to @Nevada83 that there was no way to prove that the person didn’t try to talk them out of it.

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