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Do we know for sure that Elijah Cumming's death was from natural causes?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28301points) October 18th, 2019

After all, he was chairman of the House committee investigating the president – Cummings was a very powerful man.

Sure, the news reports said he had been ill and frail for years. But could his demise have been ‘helped’ along by pro-Trump operatives?

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This group leaks like a sieve. No way they could keep this a secret. Obama’s deep state could kill a motherfucker. They knew how to keep their lips tight. Pizzagate

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Cummings spent his last few weeks in a wheelchair. He had several bad health issues.

@johnpowell if i thought you were serious with the pizzagate reference, it wouldn’t be pretty.

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I’d be more suspicious if he were in his 30’s or 40’s but 68 is of an age where it’s not unbelievable that he died.

To answer the question directly, we never know for sure why anybody died, unless we have direct communication with their health care providers.

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He was old. Old people have been known to die.

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@Darth_Algar not that old. He was just a year or two older than I am

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His death and how it was handled is pretty standard…nothing particularly mysterious about it. Justice Scalia’s death was far more questionable.

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Still getting up there, and still at that age where health issues tend to accumulate and the body begins to wear out. Shit, out of four grandparents I only had one live past the age of 70.

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@seawulf575 I agree. I don’t believe the story we were fed for a minute. Same for the story of that guy shooting all of those people in Las Vegas. There is more to that but it’s being kept quiet. The Epstein death is a bit questionable as well.

Nothing stands out for me about Cummings death. But, I don’t really know anything about him personally or his health issues. It’s always sad because we know there is a family somewhere who is hurting. Sadly, this is part of life. Maybe it isn’t so sad, though. Remember the Queen song, Who Wants to Live Forever? ;)

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@Sagacious And the truth is it doesn’t matter if we want to live forever, we never will. Nobody gets out of life alive.

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@seawulf575 I take it you’re not a Queen fan. :)

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I am and recognized the reference. Unlike the Highlander, though, we can’t live forever.

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