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What’s surprised you the most about your life or life in general?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (30922points) 1 month ago

Your answers will be included in a series of books about what surprises complete strangers on the internet.

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How when you look into the past, it seems like it went by so fast.

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@jca2 -You’ve got that right! :)

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That I live alone at this time in my life.

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@janbb -It is strange how things can work out.Sometimes for the better :)

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That I would end up poor (by US standards anyways)

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I could do so well in life with just dedicated hard work and bold determination.

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The passing of time and how quickly everything changes.

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How easy & strangely comforting it is to fire people, can be quite cathartic actually.

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I was an unpopular kid. At school I had few friends and I had never been able to walk alongside the popular kids. Now I’m a teacher working with teenagers, some of whom fit the standards of “popular kids”, and I make them obey me :D

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That, no matter how hard we try to compensate for the fact with our thoughts and actions, we are each sort of isolated within our skin. Everything, in the end is sort of “in here” or “out there”

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