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Who did you hear your first dirty joke from?

Asked by PaisleyFaye (481points) 4 weeks ago

What was the joke?

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A guy named Bobby W. – 6th grade. I’m not going to repeat it here.

The funny thing is that he grew up and became a clinical psychologist specializing in sex therapy.

Coincidence or foreshadowing?

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My first dirty joke came from my Mom…

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Probably my Irish gpa.

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I’m not sure but it was probably Steven.
He lived across the street from me.
He was always saying/doing something to get a rise until I beat him at arm wrestling. Then he finally learned to STFU. :)
I saw him years later & he was a changed man or completely filled with fear. Yes, that is it. Lol

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My grandpa.

The entire family (grandpa, his three sons, and their families) was out getting pizza one night and grandpa told a funny. I was young and only years later would I understand it.

A old man was playing with his grandson in the yard and the old man said, “I will give you a dollar if you can pull a worm out of a hole.”

So the kid pulls out the worm and the old man gives the kid the dollar.

Then the grandpa says, “I will give you five dollars if you can put the worm back in the hole.”

So the kid runs in the house and grabs some hairspray and sprays it on the worm and then slides the worm back in the hole.

The grandpa gives the kid five dollars and walks away.

The next week the grandpa is playing with the kid in the yard and the grandpa gives the kid twenty dollars. The kid asks why and the grandpa says it is for the worm trick. The kid says he already got paid for paid for that. Then the grandpa says, “This is from grandma.”

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This is it. How did Dracula fix his special guest tea? With used tampons! Lol I may have been like 11 at the time. Lol

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Probably from someone at school.

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@johnpowell that was very funny, lol I got a lil worried for a sec

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No idea. Probably some kid very young. I remember them as early as kindergarten, where drawing a circle with a dot in it on another boy’s school paper meant “boobs”. From whatever the source of kid joke lore is there were already awful weird dirty jokes in circulation, even in pre-school.

Remember “ok, Bobby, every time I say something, you have to say “behind the bush”, ok?

The focus of boys’ many dirty jokes up to about fourth grade was about asserting that another boy was into girls in some way.

I remember thinking almost all of it was pretty terrible.

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Friends. Many of them had to do with Gomer Pyle.

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One very distant memory: Probably 7th grade. This was a new vocabulary word I learned that day.

We were in European History class somehow on the subject of German Philosophers and their influence. Karl Marx, Immanuel Kant, and so on.

One of the kids in the class liked repeating the name “Kant” – calling people “Kants” except that wasn’t really what he was saying.

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Probably my grandma she was like that lol, can’t remember it though coz was crap more than likely.

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From my dad.

The pharmacist was in his store, when a Scottish Regimental Seargent Major walked in. He reached into his sporran, and pulled out an old condom.

“How much to have it repaired?”

The pharmacist said “Five dollars”

The Sergeant Major said, “Ho much for a new one?”

The pharmacist said, “three fifty, but you have to buy three.”

The Sergeant Major picked up the condom, put it back in his sporran, and walked out.

The next day, the Sergeant Major walked back in, threw the condom on the counter, and announced, “The Regiment voted to have it repaired.”

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(audible groan)

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From a member of a country/gospel group which many of you would be familiar with. Today they are still making music. But yeah, we all have a story, ya know. ;)

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