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What was the last refreshing drink you had?

Asked by PaisleyFaye (1575points) October 18th, 2019

My curiosity was peeked when I seen a sign for Lavender Lemonade in a Deli. I must say how wonderful it was to try something unique and mouthwatering.

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Chamomile tea with lemon.

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Diet coke on ice at lunch.

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Guava Passion Fruit juice. Good stuff. I only drink it when I’m in Hawaii.

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Freshly squeezed OJ
You know it kicks in when one of your eyes closes all by itself.

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At this very moment I’m staring at a big tumbler of ice floating in Jarritos mandarin soda. It’s going down with my decadent very late breakfast: pasta primavera with half a loaf of intense garlic bread. I look forward to an afternoon of breathing horrors on a defenseless public. Life is sweet.

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Tap water, just now.

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Iced Tea for lunch.

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Vampire here. Blood of a druglord.

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Ice cold water. I only drink water and coffee, and every so often I have tea.

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Iced tea with no sugar – just poisonous fake sweetener. And it’s actually better than the sugar sweetened ones even though they’re the same brand. Woe is me; I don’t know what to do.

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