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Is your personality similar to that of your parents?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34310points) October 20th, 2019

How so?

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My moms is very sweet, attentive, generous.
My dad is laid back, kind, witty.

No, I have nothing in common with both of them.

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Yes, for the most part. My siblings and I picked up different aspects of their personalities. I’m more similar to my mom. She and I are both stubborn, opinionated, no-nonsense, and while we can get very angry we also get over that anger quickly and don’t hold grudges. My dad is more laid-back about most things (that would be my twin brother who doesn’t have a stubborn bone in his body) though I share with him his personal ambition and quiet demeanor.

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@Demosthenes It’s interesting how sibs differ in that way.

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I’m a mix of both, but less extreme than both of them.

The worst things about me are from my dad. Overthinking decisions, a little too much worrying, trying to convince someone to do something I know they would like, when they say no out of hand.

My dad also likes to explore and go on new adventures, and I’m like that too. He likes to do things spontaneously, but he is also very much a planner. I’m both also. I see this in contrast to my husband who hates to plan ahead. What I’m referring to is as little as planning where to each lunch if we will be out running errands, to more extreme examples like sights for see on a vacation. I like to plan these things ahead, or at minimum do some research ahead so I know my options. My husband is incredibly resistant to this. I don’t like to plan hour to hour, I don’t like a tight schedule, I plan in all sorts of cushion time and rest time and time to do something unexpected.

I’m like my mom in that I know the dangerous things that could happen, like don’t put a crib near the window blinds, don’t swim when there is lightning, don’t put water on an oil fire, etc. I’m also similar to her with her interest in science and medicine and that she loves to relax in front of the TV.

Actually, my husband is a lot like my mom in a lot of ways, I always say I married my mom. He is rather indifferent about a lot of things like her. He can let go of relationships easily if someone hurts him, or does something he doesn’t approve of. He also likes routine (I don’t) which is also like my mom. He says things all the time that my mom says.

I always say I still live with my mom, and I guess that makes some sort of sense since I’m more like my dad than my mom.

I’m similar to my parents with how they handle money. Mostly a saver, and not liking to take a lot of risk.

I’m low maintenance and a cheap date also. I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t like the most expensive things on menus, I don’t need big surprises or fancy gifts. I tend towards the practical side of things. I’d rather get a new vacuum cleaner I need than flowers and chocolates. That’s similar to my parents too.

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Not much like mom, more like bio dad. Mom is very social, very Leo center of attention. Dad is a recluse and very private, more like me.

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@JLeslie -You have an interesting family and your dad’s sense of adventure is a fun thing!

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