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Suggestions for scenic East Bay bike rides (road riding - not mtn.) ?

Asked by BrainFreeze (15points) November 12th, 2006
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Go up to Tilden Park in the East Bay--there is a spot called Inspiration Point, and there is an awesome trail that you can bike on, with views that look out over the whole Bay, the golden gate bridge, etc...The first 4 miles or so are paved and after that it is dirt but rideable with a normal bike.
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there is an amazing ride from walnut creek up through the regional park in martinez and down into port costa. get your hands on the sf bay area biking book at any local tourist spot.
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san pablo dam road is a beautiful, short and not too hilly ride. there are also some great bike ride maps of the east bay available.
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First, I recommend Cal Cycling's website for some popular rides:

The great thing about the east bay is that once you get over the hills, there are plenty of empty roads on the other side. On top of that, there are several ways to get up the hills from the west, and several ways back to the east, and several routes on the other side, so in combination there are a myriad of possible routes.

My town is Berkeley, so my response will be rides that start from Berkeley.

(1) To get up the hills from Berkeley
- up Spruce (recommended)
- up Tunnel Rd (Ashby merges into Tunnel, and then take a left at the next light after the Claremont hotel) (also recommended)
- up Claremont Rd
- up Centennial Rd (behind Cal Stadium --- the steepest route up the hills)

(2) On top of the hills
- Grizzly Peak Rd goes along the hills from the top of Spruce, past the top of Centennial, to the top of Claremont
- Skyline Rd continues Grizzly Peak Rd from Claremont heading south, past Tunnel, and into the Oakland section of the hills.

(3) On the other side of the hills
- At Spruce and Grizzly Peak, you can access Wildcat Canyon Rd. This will take you along the edge of Tilden Park East, to Inspiration Point, and then descend down onto the northern part of San Pablo Rd. From San Pablo Rd, you can (a) loop around the San Pablo Reservoir, (b) go south to Moraga Rd, then right to Canyon Rd (see below).
- Off of Skyline Rd, south of Tunnel, you can access Pinehurst Rd, which is a very fun downhill into a Redwoods grove and very small town. At the southern part of Pinehurst, you can either go left to Canyon Rd, or right which will climb back up to Skyline Rd.
- and of course, longer rides are possible by simply extending your ride on the east side of the hills. The only problem is that the east side can get toasty during the summer.

I hope that wasn't too confusing. Basically, you can piece together a ride by choosing a way to go up the hills, choosing a way to go down the hills, and choosing a route on the other side. For some complete and popular routes, check out Cal Cycling's website!

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