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Anyone paid for apartment-finding services in the Bay Area?

Asked by sdeutsch (4263points) August 28th, 2008

I have a friend who’s looking for a $800–1000/month apartment in the East Bay, and she’s wondering if these services are any good. Has anyone had any good/bad experiences with them?

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I have used similar services in other cities and my experience is they are not worth it. The do the same thing you would do on your own, check craigslist, check major newspapers, call real estate brokers, etc. They do not have access to secret listings or special listings. Your friend would be much better of spending a couple of hours online than paying for the services of the an apartment finding company

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That was sort of what we had guessed, but it’s good to hear it first-hand. We’ll just keep checking craigslist ourselves – thanks! =)

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I agree with friendyviking. I used a service like that when we moved here to Tennessee. They wanted to send me all over the place, and they new I was looking for a specific area. Not woth the money, especially now with the internet making things so much easier! Have a good one!

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