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Do mosquitos have an elevation they remain in?

Asked by Dog (25061points) October 22nd, 2019

Do those who have balconies on upper floors of tall buildings still get plagued by mosquito bites? Is there a building height they do not venture to?

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Mosquitoes can be found at any altitude, in almost any climate. Like the tropics, or Alaska. It’s the carbon dioxide that you exhale that attracts them.

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How about distance from the ground? I suppose elevation was the wrong word for the title.

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I have seen mosquitos on the 25th floor of a high rise apartment.

I always wondered if they snuck in the elevator somehow.

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I was staying in a high rise in Taiwan and those fuckers came in through the window. Crazy ass mutant mosquitos ate me alive.

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I live on the eight floor, in the Netherlands, and if I see one mosquito a year it is much.
I always assumed the height had to do with it (as well, probably, as vegetation).

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One of the worst mosquito encounters I ever had was at a lake at 10,000 feet in the northern reaches of Yosemite National Park. The snow had melted about a week before, and the mosquitoes had just hatched.

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@zenvelo Sounds like a horror movie.

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I think it depends on the place. I’ve seen one floor up be enough for there not to be any/many mosquitoes in some places.

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In my experience there are fewer of them the higher you go but you can still get them on the 20th floor. I think the breeze just wafts them up.

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It depends more on temperature. They can’t breed, in severe cold.

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I don’t know, but I can tell you that close to the ocean we didn’t have them. 5 miles from the shore in Florida it’s mosquito heaven, but get within a mile of the ocean and no mosquitos.

It seems like @raum knows for sure that they go up to the higher floors. Lol. His answer cracked me up.

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Well. When I worked with animals, they didn’t do hearteworm protection, but half of the year, because they lived in colder climates. Hearteworms, are generally spread, by mosquitoes…
They generally don’t reproduce, unless the temperature is just right..

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Thanks everyone. I guess this busts my theory of escaping the little jerks by elevator.

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The cold weather places in the US don’t have mosquitoes during cold months, but my experience is there are tons of mosquitoes in those states once it warms up, and those states seem to be more hesitant to kill them. In FL we spray and drop pesticides into the lakes to reduce the mosquito population. I have more trouble with mosquitoes in Michigan in July than I do when I’m in Florida.

Although, some parts of Florida are more aggressive about it than others. Where I live now everyone is older, and I think the city doesn’t worry about us getting cancer from pesticides because we are close to death anyway.

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