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I am thinking of changing my workout schedule to every other day as opposed to every day, while maintaining the same amount of exercise.

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (30759points) 3 weeks ago

I currently use this schedule:
M,W,F-upper body + abs + aerobic (usually treadmill)
T,TH,S-lower body + abs + aerobic (usually treadmill)
Sun-some form of aerobic exercise
What are the pros/cons of switching to a 3 days per week routine,doing upper &lower body on the same day?

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Pros: More time to Fluther.
Cons: Recommended exercise is elevated heart rate for 30 minutes a day.

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@raum – D@mmit. Logic prevails.

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The simple, short answer is there are no negative consequences in what you’re planning on changing, so long as you’re fit & used to all of the exercises, then cutting days while doing more in the days you use shouldn’t exert you or lead to any muscle fatigue issues.

Positives though are you don’t see them as a necessary chore which every day exercise can lead to, should be fun while still offering a challenge, good luck pet ;-}

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I don’t see a problem with it. Three times a week and a fourth of some kind of aerobics is more than most people get and should be fine. Why not try it and see what works for you?

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@ucme Thanks!
I am used to the exercises which is one reason I want to change it up a bit.
I am sure I will have to deal with changes in blood sugar on the days I take off but that can be controlled.
@janbb -Thanks,I think I will experiment and see how it goes.

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@lucillelucillelucille Yeah of course, you be fine, more power to your elbow…so to speak.

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@ucme I will give you full report with musical accompaniment.

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To my knowledge, it’s best to do exercise, every other day. Unless it’s just cardio. Otherwise, you’re putting a lot of wear and tear on you’re body.

If you’re using a treadmill/running every day, you’re looking at bilateral knee replacement, at some point. If you can get an eliptical, or swim every day, that’s much better. Less impact on your joints…

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@MrGrimm888 – I use free weights on the schedule I posted above, so I get a rest of 1 day before I hit that again. As for running, I wish! I have MS & am unable to. Walks are my speed nowadays.:)
I want to fit yoga back in there somewhere without killing myself. Lol

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Free weights, definitely need to be eery other day. You can throw some pushups, dips in between, but you’re really pushing your body. The results can be amazing, but you have to keep them up, for a lifetime. Speaking from personal experience….
It took decades of this type of exercise, to keep me where I was, plus an amazing caloric intake. I don’t recommend it for the average person….

Talk to a nutritionist. If need be.

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@MrGrimm888 -Pushing if I do upper & lower body on the same day? If I do that, I’d take the next day off (from weights) and just throw in a simple yoga routine as I like what it does for flexibility-that is the main reason for wanting to switch it up.I suppose.
The routine I’ve listed above is one I have been doing for over 20 years. That is another reason I want to change it up.
The maximum dumbbell weight I use is 20 lbs, then 15 lbs and 10 lbs. I pyramid my sets with the max weight being the least reps in sets of three for each weight per exercise. Idk if I explained that well.
I am just wondering if it will be too much on one day or if I am better off just keeping it the same and maybe changing the time of day that I do it.
As for diet, I am good on that.
Now I am wondering the minimal amount of yoga I can do while still getting the benefits?

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Cons – none
Pros- Change is good
You’ll get more benefit by varying the routine anyway
If you always keep the same routine the organism learns the rhythm and adjusts your metabolic and conditioning rate accordingly. So you get “hot” days where you are adapting and “cold” days where nothing is happening.

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@josie -I think I should try it for a month and see what happens.Does that sound like a decent amount of time to test it out to you?
The yoga will happen as well.
Another reason I like every day activity as it affords some predictability with my blood sugars but I can make adjustments for that.

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I would say 90 days is a sure test
My opinion

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@josie -Ok.I will aim for that and see what happens.

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