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What is on your bed right now?

Asked by ucme (48008points) 2 weeks ago

Cuddly toys
Something else…

If you’re not at home, just remember how it was when you left.
I only ask coz this is a q&a site & well…i’m nosey see.

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My cat died, my dogs don’t like coming in the house, so it’s just ME!!!

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Just the usual…a small, red hippopotamus, some books, a dog…

…and a sparsely clad individual. Not me.

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^ OMG, I’d love to have a sparsely clad individual that’s not me in my bed!!!

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Pillows, decorative pillows, mattress pad, blankets.

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Depends on the time
Now, bedding, including a polyester sleeping bag that has been my comforter for YEARS. But something started ripping it’s guts out the other day. Asshole.
It was just for one day and he quit when I got on him. But about half of it is gone.

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Pillows, comforter, sheets, stuffed animals.

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Pillows, comforter, clean laundry that needs to be put away, a copy of Death and Dying by Kübler-Ross and the sleeping bag that my dad was issued when he was in the Air Force.

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Six pillows (one long, two smaller), silk green sheets, fuzzy blankie, duvet. Oh two decorative pillows, square and cylindrical. Usually a dog snoring on my pillows.

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Good night all.

Dutchess_lll's avatar

Night Cookie Monster.

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a contract

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A life-sized Merkel Dakimakura.

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Cheers people of the www.

@KNOWITALL Silk sheets…oh behave ;-}
King Kong
Drunk husband on viagra?

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Sheets,bedspread and matching decorative pillow.

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@ucme Never skimp on bedding, pet.

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I suppose it’s only right I answer as well, be rude not to.
On my/our bed right now sits…

Four fwuffy pillows
Two his & her’s teddy bears
Couple of Love you heart shaped cushions
Me lay down with a rather suggestive “come & get it” type smile plastered all over my gormless face :D

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I’m at work, but I can guess at least 2, but probably 3 cats. Also, bedding, 4 pillows, and a stuffed red panda.

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@tinyfaery Aww red panda’s are gorgeous, my second fave animal, otters are my #1 though, love them to bits.

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@ucme Bahaha, you are so silly!

I’m very surprised at all the stuffed animals. My dogs have them all in their toy basket lol. I do have an original Smurf put up in a cedar chest.

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@KNOWITALL I know I am, but i’m trying real hard to change that with mixed results :D

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My wife.
Once she falls asleep, I’ll try to join her.

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Not me and I wish I was.
Made some large strides with Cato today.

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I guess we can put this question to bed now…:)

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Wepll today I had a grandson, a black 50s era rotary phone, 3 books and a mutt in my bed. ♡♡♡♡♡♡

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