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Have you ever gone into your emergency food?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15513points) 2 weeks ago

I just did and it was amazing. Mountain house lasagna and meat. I opened to eat with the Canadian election. I have enough food till I get paid on the 28th, and am grateful that I have food stocked up for the lean times. Doesn’t have to be an emergency, but would be more helpful if It was.

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What is “emergency food”?

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@Dutchess_lll Usually freezed dryed survival food. Like Mountain House that lasts 30 years for when lean times and or emergency rations.
Also can be a well stocked pantry for saving money by storing food long term. Or buying in bulk or storing fruits and veggies in season for all year round enjoyment.

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Where do you keep it?

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In the kitchen at the gap just above my cupboards. Also the non-perishables in the cupbords. I have a second freezer that is empty. For extra food when I start stocking up again on good meals. Like pyrogiys and frozen meals.
I’ve eaten most of my normal food and am grateful that I have good food to eat from my clothes purchases for big and tall people. I am still deciding what foods to buy bulk and haven’t bought much more than the sample pail of mountain house meals and granola with milk and blueberries. There was a snafu with one of my government checks and was short this month. I will no longer put it in my budget for next time.

I have lots of spaghetti and oatmea, and some emergency food until I get paid.

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The only one I can think of is the powdered milk. We used it when snowed in.

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@filmfann…powdered milk is SO nasty….but Mom always made hot chocolate with powdered milk and powdered chocolate. Takes me to.snowy days hunting for most excellent sledding places, freezing, finally making our way home to that hot chocolate. So if hot chocolate isn’t made with powdered milk you can keep it!

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Whenever there’s a slip twixt cup and lip and my pantry’s in a twist.

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I’ve been too busy to get to the store and made beans or freezer food, sure. As long as we replace it, its all good. Glad you have it for sure, hope your money works out quick.

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We have an emergency pantry stocked with canned food. Every October I start using up the two year old food to be replaced by new cans. We label all the new cans every December. We have about three months worth of food at any given time.

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I guess I do too. For what ever good it will do me in a nuclear winter.

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Does emergency chocolate count?

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@raum Yes. I’m just had some of my emergency lindt chocolate. I have lots left. I got on sale for $1 for 100 grams.

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I need to clean out my fridge.

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I constantly rotate my food stores. I always have enough in case an emergency interferes with our food supply.

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Squirrels forget 6 out of 10 nuts they hide. That’s why we see them skittering all over the place.

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I have a lot of food in the freezer and some cans and boxed pasta and jars of sauce. I just bought some packs of 8 canned chicken soup from Costco. I’m really anti-canned soup but this was cheap and a decent brand, and non-GMO and all that, so with winter coming I figured why not get it.

I always have coffee, milk, sweetener, sugar, eggs, baking stuff, yogurt on hand .

I don’t consider any of this “emergency food,” I just consider it having enough so that if I don’t have anything fresh, and I don’t feel like shopping, I can have enough choices for some meals.

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During hurricanes I have.

Recently, I tried to use up the majority of the food in my house in Florida, because I’ve been traveling to Tennessee. I kept some food there on purpose though, because it’s still Hurricane season.

About twice a year I try to check dates on pantry food and use it up if it’s near the date, or give it away to the food pantry if it’s canned food.

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I ordered our gamekeeper shoot a buck on the grounds with his blunderbuss…venison on the hoof.

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Nope, not yet thankfully. I have a lot of emergency supplies for when SHTF. I’ve sampled a few and liked it fine. I basically ate the same things (MREs) in the Army.

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Well if there’s one thing you need in an emergency it’s chocolates.

And no, I don’t stockpile food. We generally have enough to last at least a few days, which should be adequate for any plausible scenario we’d face.

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Voice of reason @Darth_Algar. Thank you.

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My power was out for an hour while on hold with the government for two hours, just now. I’m glad that I was charging my phone for a hour.
Powers back on and I had time to think. I am grateful to have meals that don’t need to be cooked like my Granola with milk and blueberries. I still think my clothes purchase was an excellent choice. Just in case the power stays down for longer than 72 hours. I don’t want to go into a collapse of society unprepared with limited clothing. I also have books and food to trade.
I am grateful for the luxuries that we take for granted. Electricity and clean running water , heat and light. Also food on demand, and well stocked grocery stores in walking distance from my apartment.
Also I’m still on hold for about 2 hours or so now. I am grateful that my cell phone works in a power outage.

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@RedDeerGuy1 2.5 hours on hold and they hung up on me saying the office is closed. Will try again tomorrow morning. I liked the music while they put me on hold.

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