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Which Fluther awards are defunct?

Asked by raum (6093points) 3 weeks ago from iPhone

I vaguely remember something about some of the Fluther awards being defunct. If so, which ones?

I know you can’t visit headquarters anymore.

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Some years ago, when a similar question was asked, I remember that the “30 days in a row visiting (or was it 90?) wasn’t working any longer.

Whats not working right now, I have no idea.

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Robot Crush These aren’t the droids you’re looking for…

Old-timer If I told you, I’d have to kill you.

Guacamole Visit the Fluther HQ in person or via mail. Because there is no HQ anymore.

These are my guesses. Mods may know.

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Circumnavigation hasn’t worked in forever.

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@Tropical_Willie I wonder who were the lucky people that received the Guacamole award…

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I earned Guacamole so I guess I have a rare one I also have Robot Crush but cannot remember earning that one.
I have no idea what the old timer award required. Did anyone ever figure that out?

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A bunch don’t, lurve does not either.

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