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What, if anything, makes you feel old?

Asked by jca2 (12177points) October 23rd, 2019

What, if anything, are some things about yourself, your life or your world that make you feel old?

I’ll chime in after a bit but I would like to give everyone else the chance to say their thing.

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I have a little spot in my beard that Is gray.

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Also not always being able to trust a fart to be dry.

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Jimmy Carter suffering health problems. He was the first president I voted for.

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I am always amazed that I don’t feel as old as I really am.

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It’s being constantly reminded. I generally still forget that I’m old. But it’s the constant requests at places like check stands to help me with my groceries to the car. I always reply “Does it really look that bad?” And the reply “we ask everyone” at which I turn to the 20 something girl behind me and ask “how many times have you been offered help with YOUR groceries?” The answer is always a decided “never”. I mean this year, things seem particularly silly—the wife worrying out loud about me climbing ladders. I think it must be the white hair that convinces the world that I’m at death’s door. Then there’s the nonstop procession of people younger than me keeling over.

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The arthritis in my knees,aches and pains that take forever to get over and all my hair going very grey, but at least it’s all still there.

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In 1996, I was already in my early 30s. All the children I knew then at the place I worked, are now in their 30s and 40s.

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When my teenage girls yell at one another.

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My contempt for contemporary pop music.

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When I wake up… It takes me a while, to get going. I’m only 39, but I put a lot of miles on my body. I didn’t think I would live this long…

The truth is that I should not have. I’m not sure why, but I’m hard to kill, or some deity likes watching me suffer.

I used to drink a LOT. I used to do at least 130 mph, on my motorcycle (no license,) every day. When I had a few fast cars, same thing. I worked as a bouncer, for many years, and have been in hundreds of physical altercations. I’ve been punched, kicked, stabbed, shot at, and much more. I have made many life threatening decisions, and always came out ok. I’ve sustained multiple head injuries. Required stitches, over 30 times. I’ve played multiple sports, and even tore my ACL, meniscus, and patellar tendon. I’ve had a DVT (deep vein thrombosis/blood clot.)

I’ve fought people with knives, and guns. I’ve fought 13 people once, all bikers…

I am basically nocturnal, so I’m walking around in the middle of the night, ALL the time. I run across many people who want to hurt me. I thrive in the dark though. So. I can/have fought people in the pitch black. I don’t know who they were, I just know I beat them, almost to death, each time, and left them in a bad state. I have not killed anyone, I think. Because I made sure they were still breathing, when I left them on the ground.

I have been choked out a couple times. But I woke up, and the person was gone.

I’ve probably broken over 40 bones, mostly in my hands, and feet. I broke my right scapula once. The doctor said, he’d been practicing medicine, for 50 years, and I was only the second person he’d seen manage that. I didn’t miss a day of work. I just did everything with my left arm…

I experience pain. I assume, like most. But can push through it.

Like I said, when I wake up, my body needs a few minutes to work. My right achilles, is the most stubborn. It takes me a bit, to be able to walk, when I first get up.
I’m not sure how most people feel, when they wake up. But I feel like I’m a hundred years old, for about 30 minutes. Then, when I start moving, most of it goes away.

My head hair, is mostly white, and I pull white hairs out of my beard, every day.

Currently, I walk about a mile to/from work. When I get home, I feel pretty rough, but it goes away, in a few hours.

Mentally, I feel young. Like 25. But physically, I can appreciate a big difference. I still workout, and I feel worse, when I don’t.

I’m not sure when life will take me. But so far, I’ve been up to whatever it throws at me.

The biggest challenges, have been seeing my friendsand family die. That heartache, has been my worst pain, and age reference…

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Playing basketball

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I thought of this question after talking to my coworker about how expensive things are nowadays. We were talking about how we used to be able to go to a game at Yankee Stadium (we both lived about a half hour in the car from Yankee Stadium) and it was cheap. Concerts were 8 dollars, 12 dollars a ticket (this is in the early 80’s). He was saying to go out for a few drinks and some appetizers it’s close to 100 dollars (these are not fancy places we’re talking about either, but not dives). When I was little my grandmother would take me and some friends to see The Rockettes at Radio City, obviously very affordable if she did it. She was very middle class. Now, Rockettes are like 150 per ticket. Close to 200 after fees and taxes. To take one adult and 3 or 4 kids to see them would be close to a thousand dollars. Stuff like that. When I was driving home, I was thinking about how it’s like a conversation my grandmother would have had – how things are so expensive now.

Also, just to say that when I used to do such and such, it was 30 years ago or 25 years ago, it’s like, wow, decades ago. When I got hired by my current employer, that was 26 years ago.

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I can no longer paint a room a day.

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Forgot to add, sometimes my knees make clicking sounds. One time, someone at work had a death in the family and I put my arms around him to hug him, and my neck made a cracking sound. He said “Wow, was that your neck?”

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When I lost the ability to enjoy Pop Tarts, and started to prefer Toaster Strudels.

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Seeing musicians that I have grown up with on TV.
They started a band, a career, when I was thirteen, fifteen years old.
Yesterday, the frontman of a Dutch band, in an interview, said he just received his first pension money (at age 67).
Damn, I’m getting close (ish).

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Wrestling my husband.
I lose much quicker than before.

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Hearing that some celebrity from the 60’s has died.
Odd aches and pains.
Believing that the world is going nuts.
Worst of all – when someone offers you their seat on the bus.

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Tech. I was raised on computers but not the internet and wifi, etc…

Little kids with phones more expensive than anything I had at 18 yrs old, or even at 21.

Weekends where I run errands and clean, instead of getting lit and riding 4wheelers.

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Mirrors. And a stiff back.

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Having to go into the recovery position to get up out of bed. Or to turn around in bed.

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The unforgiving clock make me feel old.

For 40 years I’ve been racing (long distance running, triathlons and canoes). It’s natural but hard to accept my ever declining finish times.

He who competes against time has an adversary who knows no casualty.

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@gondwanalon -You’re still doing it so that is awesome. :)

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Being utterly disgusted at not only people wearing caps like this, but the very shape of the cap itself.
Makes me want to kill.

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As my daughter grows older, I feel twice as old every year.

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What’s your hostility to the cap loli? I can’t even read it. Something about Brooklyn?

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The fact that it gets taller towards the front.
The fact that it is worn just floating atop the skull.
The arseholecunts wearing it.

stanleybmanly's avatar

A cap arouses a rage in you that puts you in a killing mood? and it isn’t even a fur cap?

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@KNOWITALL: Good point. When my daughter complains if there’s no WiFi, I tell her “when I was little we had no WiFi. We had no computers, no cell phones, nothing like that. We read books, did crafts, or went outside.” It really sounds like Little House on the Prairie when I describe it, but it’s accurate.

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@jca2 Its crazy! Even gaming stores are closing now because its all online. Libraries and newspapers, too.
Its really going to be interesting as the younger generations that always have direct access to a constant info resource develop mentally, physically and socially.
No one has house phones, no one carries cash, no one goes to the bank, no one writes checks or uses the mail. Really interesting time to be alive, and so much peacetime in the US. My generation up has had very little to fear unlike previously.

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I guess, as a millennial, the fact that people I went to high school with are now getting married and having children makes me feel older. The fact that my first high school reunion (ten years) is next month; has it really been ten years already? The fact that already I’m feeling a disconnect with the younger generation (the GenZ “tide-pod eaters” and their obsession with memes). I prefer print books and have at least one gray hair and I can’t stay up until 1 A.M. regularly like I did when I was 20. I may not be 30 yet, but I’m feeling the, er…wisdom of aging coming on already!

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The day I find a grey pube is the day…

1) I feel old
2) I shave the entire area revealing a rather startled snake.

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@lucillelucillelucille Just racing outrigger canoes now.

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@gondwanalon -Are they made of thin fiberglass

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The other day, I was remembering how hotels used to give you note paper with the name and address of the hotel on it, and some postcards with the photo of the hotel on the front, so you could sit at the desk and write notes to your friends and family. That seems to antiquated now. Now you don’t even use the hotel phone. You have your own phone and you text people, or post on social media where you are and what you are doing.

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Hell I remember when they had actual KEYS for the hotel rooms.

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How much information kids these days get from the Internet. Seriously, when I was younger the best thing that kids my age knew was rules for group games. We were only concerned about school, eating, playing and sleeping. These days I saw 8-year-old kids talking about the latest Internet drama and celebs, something that we didn’t bother until we reached 13. Even at 24 I can’t catch up with all the drama those kids know.

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Look ma, there’s snowflakes all around!

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^I love you man. But you don’t have to insult us…. “Snowflakes,” is a right wing address, that shows their own stupidity.

Your better than that. IMO…..

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@lucillelucillelucille My wife and I own 5 cartoon fiber canoes. Here’s some pictures of our 3-man canoe The 3-man canoe only weighs 85 pounds. My wife and I have no problem putting it on top and taking it down from our Ford F150 Pickup.

We also have 3 single paddler canoes and one 2 paddler canoe. We paddle the 2 paddler canoe the most. So much fun paddling together in the same canoe. We work very well together.

I love to paddle-steer the 3-man canoe. On one showed me how. It is just so intuitive for me. Other seem to struggle with it. But it’s all good. Fun stuff!

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@gondwanalon -I love canoeing. I need to test mine for seaworthiness but that won’t happen until spring. Now is a nice tine to go with the fall colors.
I have never heard of cartoon fiber.
Your canoe looks “fast”. Mine is “something else” Lol!

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@lucillelucillelucille All canoe and kayaks are good. Aluminum, plastic, fiberglass or carbon fiber are good.

You are right. Our canoes are made for pure speed and fun in high surf. Superb engineering.

Forgot to mention that we also have an inflatable Sea Eagle model Razor light 2 paddler canoe. We took it to Australia twice and up Canada. Weighs less than 50 pounds and easy to put on a plane.

We live in Tacoma and paddle in canoe races up and down the PNW (Canada down to Oregon) in Puget Sound, rivers and lakes all winter. Winters are generally pretty mild here.

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@gondwanalon -That sounds like a blast!

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@MrGrimm888 We’re cool bud, I was referring to the poorly educated soul who called me out as “gross” for mentioning a grey pube :D
Oh & while we’re here, you’re right…I am better than that ;-}

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^Peace n love.

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I don’t mind being called a snowflake. There is nothing to be ashamed of for caring about complete strangers of any nationality.

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Yeah. But does it make you feel OLD?

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