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Ohio State or Wisconsin?

Asked by josie (30934points) October 25th, 2019

Ohio State has a team that is better than you think.
On the other hand, they have not faced a truly difficult challenge this year.
Until tomorrow.
Wisconsin is a very tough team, ( I will not bother you with the stats) who got caught, by Illinois, looking ahead to OSU . Now they are in a desperate fight in the Big Ten.
I cannot wait for the game.
Go Bucks!

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The underdog.(Idk who that is) as it makes for more interesting game IMO.

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If you liked me you would say Ohio State.
Its not a test. Just sayin

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@josieOH, it’s a test.

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Well, in your case it isn’t a test. I assume you are a dispassionate observer.

But having said that, assuming OH is a sort of Freudian expression of your latent belief that OHio State beats Wisc.I will take note.

OSU plays MU, your home state I think, in a few weeks.

Talk to you then.

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@josie – As long as you promise not to cry this time :)

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That won’t happen. MU sucks once again. OSU dominates.

In this forum, I hate saying that, because I do not want to annoy you.

But my principled desire to be honest overrides my desire to please you. I think you understand that.

Go Bucks!

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Is this chess?

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@josie -I do understand but dislike it just the same.
@rebbel – It’s this:

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I love college sports, myself. I have since a little kid. Good luck with your team tomorrow. I’ll be watching mine too…..all of them. ;)

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Ohio State Buckeyes was my very first hoodie. Go Bucks.

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Auburn is my passion. Hope OSU comes through for you

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Bunch of talentless pussy’s prancing around in completely unnecessary armour.
Our Rugby lads just reached the World Cup final beating the mighty New Zealand…real sport that actually counts for something.

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It was close- Wisconsin only lost by 4….....touchdowns & a field goal.

I wouldn’t mind seeing OS upset the Clemson-Tide binary next year.

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@ucme Heyyyyyy now, those be fighting words now!!

Some English traveller came here and said our COLLEGE games were as big as your majors. The jets, the show, the sheer thousands of fans at every game. So I think you may be comparing apples to oranges, my friend.

Congrats on your win!

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@KNOWITALL No, i’m comparing rugby to american eggball & the comparison is shocking.
Cheers anyway, we play S.Africa in the final next Saturday.

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@ucme I knew our ancestors left for a reason, it wasnt tea taxes, it was for REAL football haha!

Yep, good luck.

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My home is two miles from Camp Randall Stadium. Madison was just noticed as the best college town in the US. It’s been tons of fun here this year. The last two losses were devastating but somehow the Badgers rose two spots during their bye week and are back in the top twenty. Wisconsin was 6th before they lost to the Illini.

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