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If somebody could dream up a Halloween costume that would exemplify the LGBT movement, would it be regarded as politically incorrect or politically correct?

Asked by josie (30931points) October 25th, 2019

I am imaging a male kid wearing a jock strap with a sign saying “I wish I did not need this” or a female kid wearing a jock strap saying “I wish I could use this”.

Or bras. Or vise versa.

How would that fly on Begger’s Night?

I do not personally give a shit.

Just curious.

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Just wearing a sign “This is me. Pretending to be anything else is offensive and insulting!”

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Politically correct. Saying it was politically incorrect would not be truthful.

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Halloween, fictional characters only.

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The engineer and doctor from Star Trek STD. Would be perfect costumes.

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Well, I, personally, would be distressed that it focused on something so narrow as genitalia and breasts. I don’t care if you are a boy who was born as a girl, and focusing on that on Halloween, and announcing it to the world makes it into a joke.

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I personally do not want politics fucking up or invading the most important day of the year. It would depend on the context of the costume. Is it supposed to be funny, is it creative or cute? If it’s to spread a message and stir the pot please pick a different day to do this.

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It seems like an odd choice for a costume and it seems to me that many people wouldn’t get it. It isn’t inherently offensive, however.

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I was thinking of dressing as a big penis that, halfway through the night, I could pull back to make it into a vagina. That would probably not be viewed as being politically correct to wear when handing out candy to children. I’d probably have the cops called on me.

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^^^ And why any normal person would want to wear such a thing is beyond me.

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^^^And why any normal person would want to transition from male to female or female to male is beyond me.

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That’s not comparable. I don’t have a problem with whatever they want to do with themselves.
I do have a problem with some one walking around with a penis or vagina on display. It has nothing to do with how I feel about transsexuals.

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Why get upset about a penis or vagina costume? Isn’t it the body natural? And the question was about creating a Halloween costume that would encapsulate something in the LGBTQ movement. What better than turning a penis into a vagina? And after all, aren’t I supposed to respect their decisions to change their sex? So why can’t I show that change?

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It is tacky. In our society we cover our genitalia. Whether it’s right or wrong, it’s what we do. To put it on display like that is somebody looking ONLY for shock value and NOT to actually protest any thing.

Plus, penises are ugly.

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So you are saying that a costume exemplifying the LGBT movement would be tacky and politically incorrect.

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If I saw someone wearing something like that I wouldn’t automatically assume the costume was exemplifying the LGBT movement. Something like that could exemplify lots of things or nothing at all. It could be flaunted just because the person is an immature idiot who likes to shock people.

If I was gay or a transsexual, I would find it horribly insulting that anyone would distill the whole LGBT movement down to nothing more than sex organs.

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