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If you were to buy a hybrid car, which one would you buy?

Asked by sjg102379 (1230points) July 30th, 2007

I'm going to buy a hybrid this fall, I think. I don't do a lot of driving, and what I do will primarily be highway driving. Any thoughts?

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Prius are great in my humble opinion. My parents, parents in law, brother in law, and sister in law each have one and they love it.

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I have a Prius too. The reason we got it (we already had two Honda Civic hybrids in the family) is that Toyota began from the ground up when they designed it, instead of modifying the existing gas-only car, which is what Honda did, so the Prius is more coherent and a bit more efficient.
I gather a lot of people considering a hybrid choose the Prius because it's recognizable as a hybrid and they want to make a statement. Personally, I think the Prius is kind of ugly, but I'm pleased with its performance. I especially like it the huge cargo space afforded by the hatchback design. And it's fun to drive. Zippy.
All that said, the 2008 Honda Civic hybrid has been redesigned so that it has all the engineering features of the Prius. If I were going to buy one now, I'd get the Honda
IF they make a hatchback, because they have a stunningly beautiful shade of very pale silky blue.

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Prius its the most tried and true.

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We got an '07 last October. Liked it so much we purchased a 2nd Prius in March. We consistently average 50 mph on the highway.

Unlike the person above, I like the styling of the Prius and get compliments on our cars all the time!

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Honda Civic...because it still looks like , well, a Honda Civic.

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Do not buy a hybrid. Buy a nice car with a 4 cylinder engine. Save money. Save gas. Save battery replacement costs. Save the environment, if you think you can.

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if you're going to drive mainly highway there isn't much point in getting a hybrid. They get better mileage in the city than they do on highway. You'd be better off getting something like a civic...comparable mpg's on the highway, cheaper, and less electronics to break!

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I bought a Honda Civc in 2006--just a regular one--and it is great on gas mileage, and really a delight to drive. Plus, the reliability is excellent. I heard that disposal of batteries of hybrid cars could be an environmental problem.

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I would actually not recommend buying any hybrid cars currently on the market. I’m not sure if the carbon footprint from shipping the cars to the U.S. (none of them are made completely here) and the battery making & replacing is worth the damage you’ll do to the middleclass, that is, buying a non union vehicle. I recommend the pontiac vibe which is union made in fremont california. It’s EXACTLY the same as the Toyota Matrix b/c the fremont plant is a Toyota/GM joint venture. The vibe costs $5000 less only b/c toyota is the “it” brand right now. Gas mileage is great and it’s worked well as a family car for us. Drive less and you’ll make up for the difference! Meanwhile, encourage development of real alternative energies at unionized facilities! p.s. for a complete list of union-made vehicles, check out

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Additionally, the Volt finally comes out in 2010. Bout darn time.

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