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Can you help me make a shopping list for groceries from Superstore and/or Safeway?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) October 26th, 2019

I am thinking:
4 liters of milk
2 liters of pop
Bacon and eggs
A flat of cup o noodles Sapporo
Summer sausage for snacks
Balonia for cooking in sandwiches
Avocados if ripe
Shreeded cheese
Broccoli maybe
Pasta sauce
Kraft dinner
Chicken wings
Pork chops
Red meat if It calls to me
Ground beef and veggies and beans for chilli

What else should I get?
I am taking a cab home and maybe to the stores. I will have to wait till October 28th when I get paid. It would have to fit in a backpack and a duffel bag. Can be two trips.

Also can you suggest a ground beef chilli that I can make in my crock pot?

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Oh! Bread for sandwiches, and doughnuts or timbits from Tim Horton’s next to the Safeway.

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Also everything needed to make a good great sandwich. Mayonnaise, mustard, tomatoes, and different meats or just balonia.

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Bologna sorry for the typo.

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If you are going to make chili you will need canned tomatoes. I like ground turkey chili so much I don’t make it with beef anymore.

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I might center my meals for experiment all centered around making the best fried Bologna.
Bologna, Good bread, mustard, mayo, tomatoes, cheese, spices.

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Bologna is not a healthy food. It’s high in salt and nitrates. I would choose something healthier such as turkey.
Choose some healthy soups also that are low in sodium. I think a grilled cheese sandwich and a can of soup would fill you up for lunch.

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@chyna Ohh! How about a ham and grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup with a splash of milk?

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Yum! That sounds good.

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@chyna Ok I will try that. Thanks!

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I’m thinking Instant oatmeal for breakfast. Ham and grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup with a splash of milk for lunch. Also spaghetti or food from my freezer for diner; Like Pierogi potato and onion flavored, or hash browns with cheese.

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Edit redacted.

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Get a non-white bread, maybe rye or whole wheat, that will make things taste different.

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egg beaters

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frozen mixed vegetables

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If you go to Safeway make sure to get the Safeway app on your phone. It is tied to your Club card and can actually help you save a fair amount of cash. Normally you have to go through and click things one time to get a deal. But I figured out a way that will click everything at once.

This is how I do it in Firefox.

Navigate to in Firefox.

Keep clicking “Load More” at the bottom until it stops letting you add more.

In firefox go to Tools > Developer > Scratchpad

Enter $(”.grid-coupon-clip-button button”).click(); Then click run.

Give it a few seconds. It will save you 400 clicks.

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@johnpowell I called Safeway and Superstore. They dont have club cards in my region anymore. Only air miles, and points. Thanks anyway JP.

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The perfect nachos.

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Update: home now from the Safeway. Got most of my list. $127. Am happy.

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