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Let's suppose I tootled up & knocked on your door this Halloween night & yelled enthusiastically "trick or treat!!" would you receive me (best guess)?

Asked by ucme (50037points) October 26th, 2019

This should be good…

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You’d be getting candy as that is what I will be doing.

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I would give you the mother load of name brand chocolate bars.

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You’d get nuffin. If I’m home, I turn off the lights and pretend I’m not. The dog is too nuts to keep opening and closing the door for oddly dressed persons.

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Depends on what or who you are dress up as.

If you came dressed as Boris Johnson, I would throw scalding boiling water on you and tell you to exit.

If you show up as Princess Di, I’ll give you anything you want.

If you show up as HRH, I would deeply bow and offer you soft cereal.

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If you are wearing a costume, you’ll get a pack of peanut M&Ms
No costume ( which happens all the time in my neighborhood) a little card that explains why you didn’t get the M&Ms

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You would get a handful of mini mars bars, a lollipop and a one pound coin. (I am assuming you are just eight years old?)

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I wouldn’t be home. I live away from everyone else so no kids want to trek across a busy two lane road to get a piece of candy. So I go over to the subdivision across from me where a couple let me give out candy with them. But I could probably see you and hear you. So I would yell across the street “over here UCME! I have Reese cups!”

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Nobody, is welcome at my house, without calling first. I would simply not answer the door. If you’re an adult, and in costume, be prepared for what I might do…Nothing positive…

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I would be amused by an adult in a costume. You would get some sweets, but I might ask you to sing first. And if you are very enthusiastic you would have to pet a curious Labrador.

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You lot are adorable, but it’s late here & so i’ll revisit in the morning where I may address each answer on its individual merits…cheers peeps.

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If I knew you were @ucme, I’d answer the door, give you a hug, say “OMG I don’t believe I’m meeting you! You’re hilarious!” If I didn’t know you were @ucme, I’d give you candy and send you on your way.

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Hhmmm….If a grown Brit man showed up at my door and yelled “Trick or Treat”....I’d probably say “Trick” just to see what you’d do.

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@lucillelucillelucille Mongo like candy…<BOOM!!>

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@canidmajor You raise a good point, one we adopt too. Folks should tell their kids to only rock up at houses daubed in Halloween decorations.

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@elbanditoroso Maybe i’d show up dressed as Uncle Sam…
@josie I loathe M&M’s one of my hobbies though is to lob them onto the soft heads of passers by, so i’d be grateful for your contribution still.
@flutherother Being scottish i’m thinking those mars bars will be deep fried.

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@chyna Bless all ten of ya tiny toes, but hey…my name here is all lower case so quit shouting, it’s unbecoming of a lady.
@MrGrimm888 Aww you’d change your tune when your eyes feasted on my cute smile & open arms beckoning you into a big man hug.
@longgone I would certainly make a fuss of your lab but my singing would make the poor thing howl in horror.

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@jca2 Oh you’d know it was me alright, i’d make that clear immediately as I don’t wanna get shot :D
@seawulf575 To be honest, i’d be hoping you asked for a “trick”...i’m very flexible & would do anything for a dare :D

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Did you say it in “Jolly Well Spoken”? I’d say ” You’re not for around this neighborhood. Here’s some extra for you! Enjoy! It’s cold out there. Would you like a little something to warm you up?”
Then I’d quietly slip the device in my pocket back to “Safe”. :-)

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“I loathe M&M’s”

Not possible

I don’t believe you. I think you must be trolling.

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@josie Hardly ever eat candy at all but years ago I had a pack of the vile things & they gave me a headache, hence the loathing.

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@LuckyGuy Spoken like a true frightened yank :)

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I’d hug you, if I knew it was you @ucme .

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@LuckyGuy I’m giving out Dark Chocolate Kit Kats. We always serve chocolates with our paranoia. :-)

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@LuckyGuy Indeed, it’s gotten so bad you’ve started talking to yourself ;-}

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@ucme Ooops! I guess I get all the Kit-Kats! :-)

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