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What kind of pets would you allow to sleep in your own bedroom?

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An elephant in the room is good as one should never be too comfortable.

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@mazingerz88 -That is so sweet! I love elephants.
My nephew’s ex gf got to work with elephants while studying veterinary medicine.They’re also musically inclined.

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Besides a cat or dog, not many I think.

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Any that I own so long as they’re well behaved & the actual bed is out of bounds.
Never keep fish in your bedroom, terrible snorers.

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Only the plush variety—and I don’t mean plushies or furries.

Unfortunately, I’ve developed allergies to animals. :(

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Just watched the video. So cute! I know wild raccoons can be vicious and possible carriers for rabies. But there used to be these raccoons that used to come by my old place.

I liked to eat on the stoop and people watch. When the raccoons saw me, they’d come up and sit next to me. I’d give them a piece of my sandwich and we’d just sit there on the steps munching together while people walked by and gawked.

My friends thought I was crazy for getting that close to a wild raccoon. Especially with food. But I never had any issues with them. I considered us friends. :)

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Do your allergies to animals include those with scales or feathers?

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I thought that video was adorable. Any pet that I would have would be allowed in my bedroom like that. (other than maybe small ones like hamsters cuz they would get lost). If I didn’t feel comfortable enough to do that, I wouldn’t have them.

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@raum Unlike the friends, I bet the raccoons NEVER asked to borrow money or your car!!!

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@Brian1946 Not sure? Don’t usually run into the scale and feather variety. Though come to think of it, I’ve been around pigeons and seagulls without sneezing. But they probably don’t come all that close.

@LadyMarissa Ha! True. Though human friends don’t usually dig holes in your backyard. One time I twisted my ankle stepping into one of those in the dark. So that’s a plus.

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No animals in my house.

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