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Donald Duck, Daffy Duck, and Howard the Duck get into a bar fight. Who wins?

Asked by AstroChuck (37555points) August 29th, 2008 from iPhone

Daffy is f***ing crazy, but always seems to get outsmarted by a rabbit and beaten up by a real stupid hunter. Howard has street cred but is stuck in a world not of his making. Plus he chain smokes cigars and would likely get winded easily. Still, he seems to be able to hold his own. Donald, on the other hand, has been hardened over the years by his three annoying, delinquent nephews. They have made him angry and have brought the devil out in Donald. This, I think, gives him the edge.
Besides, if I didn’t pick Donald, my wife, the Donald Duck fanatic, would floor me.
Who do you think is the last duck standing and why? Don’t brush this off as a silly question, dammit! I’m dead serious about this!

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daffy is the duck force to steer clear of. Bill backwards? He and the woodpecker could join for a pretty unstoppable duo. (that is asking way too much… )

coo coo!

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Donald. He’s a BAMF.

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I think we can count Howard out from the jump; Dude is all talk. Yes he’s got attitude, but does that mean he can fight or take a punch? I think not. Between his cigar smoking and what I have a sneaking suspicion is a glass bill, Howard is going down.

That makes it between Daffy and Donald. Daffy has speed on his side, he can move like lightening and smack Donald five times without him even knowing it. That being said, Donald has probably learned to fight because of the teasing he takes for running around in that sailor outfit. I think it comes down to which duck is on his game on the day of the fight. It is too close to call. Now, pose the age old Goofy vs. Scooby Do question, and I’ll lay odds on the winner. Here’s a hint – Scooby’s going down.

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It depends on the arftist who is drawing them.

August 29, 2008, 7:19 AM EDT

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Howard is human size and I think he would squash both shorties Daffy and Donald. That said, Donald is the only one getting laid regularly (does a duck get laid? Perhaps not. Maybe Daisy just helps him relieve his tension) and therefore will be much more relaxed and in a better frame of mind to open up a can of whoop-tailfeathers on the the other two. I still vote for Howard.

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I gotta go with Donald. Us sailors have got to stick together.

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Daffy has taken a shotgun blast to the noggin (bill spinning and all) and survived. He’s not getting any, so he’s angry.

Howard claims to know Quck Fu, but I’ve yet to see him use it effectively. He has Beverly the hot redhead, so he’s definitely chill.

Donald is the ultimate metrosexual. Sure he gets angry and flustered, but he’s all quack, no bite. Daisy is certainly curling his flippers, so he too is chill.

So my vote goes to Daffy.

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Can I pick Darkwing Duck?

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definitely howie, armed with an eraser

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Daffy, he is mean

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Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! HOW do you come up with these?!!

I gotta go with Daffy. He’s pretty nuts…

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How about the Ugly duck, looks alone kills his enemies. :)

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You know, even though Donald dresses like a sailor he’s really a soldier. He joined the army during WWII as Pvt. Donald Fauntleroy Duck.
Getting back to this important discussion, I think early Daffy Duck had a distinct advantge over the other two as he was really was crazy and very clever, always outwitting his opponents. But something happened to him about the time he met Bugs. He became less crazy and a bit more frantic. Also, Daffy’s intellect dropped sufficiently and his level of naïveté rose exponentially. And even though Howard could certainly hold his liquor better, he’s definitely in the worst physical state.
I still say it’s Donald, and not just because my wife tells me to say so.

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Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century… FTW!

Future weapons, in space, eager young space cadet… can’t lose!

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Daffy because he can go buckwild on fools at the drop of a hat. He is dangerous, crazier than a sack of angeldust.

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Daffy all the way!

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Donald. He’s a gnarly old codger, with more than a few tricks up his sleeve, and a short fuse.

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Daffy, he’s crazy

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Donald, for sure. He just wants it more.

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Daffy Daffy Daffy!!!! c’mon everybody scream with me!!!! Gimme a D, gimme a A, Gimme a F…..

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