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Has anyone's interest / liking of Halloween ebbed or declined, as mine has? Can, and should, I try to get it back?

Asked by Yellowdog (12183points) October 28th, 2019

From the time I was a kid until comparatively recent times, I loved Halloween. As an adult, sometimes I liked Halloween very dark and psychologically twisted. Other times it was a time to spend with children at carnivals, parties, and activities. In all times, it was shamelessly theatrical. Haunted houses and grotesque denizens of a Lovecraft or Stephen King nature excited my imagination. And here was one night it all came alive.

Maybe it is a lack of money, or a calloused attitude. Or maybe, as I get older, I see death and autumn as a time of reflection and remembrance rather than fear and imagination. Halloween’s depiction of death plays up the grotesque, and now I see death as more of a sacred thing.

I would like to regain my liking of Halloween and all the fun and imagination it excites. But that all seems to me now much ado about nothing.

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I found out that I can buy the good chocolate bars on my own and no need to wear a costume.

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You sound like someone who needs a whole case of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

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Respectfully you may be overthinking it.
How can anybody not think little kids in costumes aren’t cute.

I guarantee you they are not thinking about Autumn and the impending darkness. You certainly don’t want to corrupt their temporary innocence with those thoughts.

Seems to me you ought to just give them some peanut M&Ms and tell them how great they look.

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@kritiper Oooh! Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are on my next shopping list. Thanks.

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I love Halloween.I missed a good party this past weekend but will be passing out candy,Thursday.
Maybe you are overthinking it but to each their own,

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It hasn’t meant much to me personally since I was a kid but I like trick or treating as a communal activity and always have candy to give out.

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I buy GOOD candy but it’s not cuz I care about the kids. 《》

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When the twins were 2 Mom made the Bonnie & Clyde. I helped. I found a size 3 three piece suit for Kale, and some Mary Jane’s (shoes) for Savannah. Pic tomorrow!

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(I sent myself a message. I feel a little deranged.)

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Yes. I loved it as a teenager, but then pretty much ignored it.

For me, reframing it as a celebration of autumn was the perfect remedy. For the last three years, Halloween just means a walk in the dark (maybe on a graveyard) and hopefully a fire. It’s become much tamer, and I really like that.

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@josie Peanut M&M’s are my favorite candy.

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They should be.
I’ve only known one person who did not like peanut M&Ms

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Life is too short. The more we age the more we should keep laughing at everything including our miseries. Laugh, laugh, laugh and if we’re really lucky we shall be laughing until we look exactly like the Crypt Keeper!

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Peanut M&Ms are much healthier than regular M&Ms. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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I preferred Halloween when it was considered a MINOR holiday. Like others, it has become too commercialized!!! When I was a kid, we had local celebration out at the local drag race track where the kids could dress up & win a $25 gift certificate (lot of money back then) & local mothers made Halloween cakes for sale at the get together. Whoever sold the most cakes received the blue ribbon. It was MORE fun before it was expected to be fun!!!

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We go all-in for it. Easily 150+ kids come by so we have elaborate decorations. We have a mock camp crystal lake this year complete with Jason’s shack, camp counselor shirts a 7 foot tall Jason Voorhees and more. If anything my interest level has grown.

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Bonnie, Clyde, Together. That was their first real Halloween. It was the most hilarious thing ever when they realized all they had to do was walk up onto someone’s porch and they give you candy!

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My Mom went all out on Halloween, creating the most unique costumes for us. She was an artist. One year the little kids both went as boxes of cereal. One was Cheerios and the other was Corn Flakes or something.
The following year they were The King of Hearts and the King of Diamonds.
They were painted cardboard.
Mom sewed though, too. One year I was Little Bo Peep.

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