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Do you ever think racist things but keep it to yourself?

Asked by Demosthenes (7952points) 1 month ago

I’d be interested to know how common it really is, but who will admit to it? If you do, is it based on personal experience?

One time in college I was walking home by myself late at night when I saw a group of young guys coming toward me. At first I thought they might be black or Hispanic and I was like “oh shit”. Then as I got closer I saw they were Asian and I breathed a sigh of relief and thought “Asians are the least-scary race.”

I don’t think this was based on personal experience as I’ve never had a bad run-in with a black or Hispanic person, but it was based on my understanding of who causes trouble where I lived. Based on stories of students being mugged by Hispanic assailants. Based on stories of black teenagers swarming BART trains and stealing phones out of riders’ hands. I couldn’t help but have those things in mind when walking alone at night.

So…there’s my story. Anyone else willing to admit to prejudice?

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@anniereborn I knew someone would post that. Love that musical (and that song). :)

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I think prejudicial things, in the spur of the moment, and mostly when I’m irritated or upset. I would never say them out loud and I usually tell myself that I am wrong for doing so immediately. We all have inherent biases. But I never think outright racist things. I will never think one group of people is better or worse based on phenotypes.

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Sure, same as you do.

It may be interesting to ask if anyone is here that has NO friends of any other race, religion or ethnic group. If they are a real racist, the answer will always be no, from my experience, they don’t hide racism well, if at all.

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What moron in 2019 would ever admit to that

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Sometimes I think being more candid about our biases and prejudices is better than hiding them and pretending we’re perfect angels, but I know that’s what the climate of 2019 requires.

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Yes. Who doesn’t??

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I have been a victim of violent crime twice, involving black young adults. Once, I was shot and left for dead. To be fair, the police officers, most of the medical staff, court officials, and even the judge, were also African American. But I do avoid black youth and young adults.

Hispanics and other ethnicities, if they are involved in crime, rarely involve outsiders. Hispanics may commit crimes among themselves or be the victims of others, but rarely victimize others.

My economic and disability status put me well below the social and economic status of many so-called minority groups.

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@KNOWITALL One example of what?

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