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Al-Baghdadi died like a dog. How do most dogs die?

Asked by rebbel (33253points) October 29th, 2019

Apparently Abu Bakr died by means of an self-inflicted explosion (bomb vest).
The subsequent statement that he died like a dog made me wonder; how do (most) dogs (the pets) die?

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Well, I wouldn’t have put it past my previous dog to do that, but being a dog, he didn’y have ready access to explosives. As it was, he went quietly at the vet.

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My dog died in his sleep.

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My last dog that died passed peacefully at the vet with me lying in the floor with her.

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By getting thrown into a wok.

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Outdoor dogs tend to crawl off and just die alone quite often, perhaps that’s what he meant, but this ahole took innocent children.

Trump said during a Sunday morning White House press conference that al-Baghdadi “died like a dog” after being chased down a dead-end tunnel by American commandos and U.S. military canines.

The ISIS leader dragged three children into the tunnel before detonating his suicide vest — killing himself and the kids, Trump said.

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Where I am, coyotes take some while others are put down at the vet’s office or are hit by a car.. Some, I am sure die a natural death at home.

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The last dog I ever had died of a pentobarbitol overdose at the vet.

Which leads to an interesting question about how to deal with assholes like Al-Baghdadi in future encounters.

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Well, surveying ones I’ve known:

* killed by an off-leash dog
* bird killed by a cat x 2
* put to sleep x 7
* died in sleep x 2
* died of panic attack (Guniea pig)

I’ve never heard of a dog or pet blowing themself up on purpose.

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Very few dogs self detonate. The fool’s declarations must be regarded with the credibility for which he is by now renowned.

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They’re murdered by this young boy from India, a youth in Asia.

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By means of an self-inflicted explosion. Obviously.

I’ve never heard of a guinea pig dying of a panic attack. This is a fascinating thread.

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Most dogs die by self-detonating vests, while dragging children along. They usually come to a dead end, whimpering, at a fence or tunnel or passage under a house crawlspace. Cats, by contrast, usually know where all the holes in the fences and hedges are.

Its a cruel world, but hey—humans who burn innocent people in cages in public, and behead people with knives on Youtube, deserve this kind of death. You are crazy to sympathize with Al-Baghdadi

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Oh, for pete’s Sake, @Yellowdog, no one is sympathizing with him, the Q was about the term “die like a dog”.

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@yellowdog No one is sympathetic to the person that was killed. They are in disbelief at how trump describes the event.
By the way, dogs do not die that way. Just because trump told you that, you believe that to be true? Most dogs are sweet and kind and do not deserve to be compared to a monster as trump described.
I honestly think you need to seek help.

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Well, since we’re on the subject, you gotta check out the short clip Jimmy Kimmel put together, comparing trumps announcement of killing the guy to Obama’s announcement that they killed Osama B.
As he pointed out, Obama spoke for 9½ minutes. trump spoke for 48 minutes.

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Add, therefore, to your list of Trump’s lies, that Trump said that dogs die like Al-Baghdadi .did.

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Like any other road kill.

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Just out of curiosity, @Yellowdog, who would you say is sympathetic to Baghdadi?

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