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Why can I smell honey when I sneeze?

Asked by Hebegeebee (20points) August 29th, 2008

I’m not eating nor am I around honey – and it’s every time I sneeze. Do I have nose bees?

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I’m not sure why you smell honey, but consider it a blessing. Honey is delicious. <3

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Admittedly, it could be worse…

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Be grateful it’s not black pepper you smell.

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I haven’t found an explanation, but I thought you might be interested to see this. Apparently there are quite a few “honey sneezers” out there.

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Because she doesn’t use deodorant! (Get it?! “Honey smells”? “She doesn’t use deodorant”?)

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i’ve always found that sneezes smell really bad but not like honey. if you’ve ever been to france, there are fields of yellow flowers and that is what sneezes smell like to me.

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Probably because you are a bee! After all, your name is Hebegee Bee, isn’t it?

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Because there åre Chemicals in your head

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