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What could Trump DO that would cause even his supporters to bail out on him?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44146points) October 30th, 2019

On another thread we were theorizing about who / what killed Epstein. A couple of folks (including me) think Trump had something to do with it. Epstein knew something about Trump that could destroy him.
What on earth could it be? Apparently the trash he’s actually done to date isn’t enough. Did he have sex with animals? Sex with other men? What would his base finally view as such deplorable behavior that they would actually quit him?

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Doing any of the things he already did.
While being a Democrat.

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The answers are obvious. His people would dump him in a heartbeat if he (for example) embraced diversity, were inflicted with a conscience, exhibited any evidence of abstract thought, could actually distinguish his ass from a hole in the ground, or ever got caught performing some act of kindness.

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Take the lords name in vain.

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Really endorse the right to choose side, and significantly raise everyones taxes.

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OK, but what could Epstein have known about that would have destroyed trump?

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Remember Epstein bragged he introduced Trump and Melania at the Kit Kat in 1998.

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I don’t think trump had something to do with Epstein’s death. Only because he doesn’t have the smarts to pull it off without getting caught. IF he had done anything criminal with Epstein, like having sex with an underage girl, no doubt that person had already been silenced with money and threats.

One thing I’m almost certain of if the rumors were true, those who partied hard with Epstein including Clinton and trump may not have slept with underage females themselves, but they must have heard if not directly known that Epstein was into that.

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The fact that he supposedly raped a 14 year old girl is already public. What else could it be?

trump has the power and the money to hire someone to pull off a murder. I have no doubt he’s done it before. Even he would be too smart to brag about it.

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