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Can you recommend a wood that cuts similar to mahogany?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) October 31st, 2019

I want to build a 4-paneled frame for a window insert.
I won’t be needing a huge amount so I was thinking of using a species I haven’t tried before.
I like mahogany for the grain,color and it’s almost “plastic like” properties when cutting it.
Any ideas?

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Do you know Merbau wood?
It’s a hard wood, in several colorings (but I only know it in a brown, similar to mahogany).
It was a much used wood in prefab door- and window frames in the Netherlands (when I was a painter, in the nineties).

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I just looked it up and they said it has good strength.
I want to make stained glass inserts and it will be in a window behind the kitchen sink. With the moisture and sunlight, maybe there won’t be any warp-age with it having good strength?
They also mentioned that it has a moderate natural luster.Are they taking about the “ribbons” of translucent color one occasionally sees in mahogany?

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@rebbel Musical break
Thanks again :)

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I would think that if they used it in those frames that I mentioned, them being in a climate with much humidity, and the occasional warm and sunny summer, that it would not warp very easy.
But I can’t tell you from experience (I’ve never used it myself, for furniture or building).
To me at appeared pretty uniform/even.
Not many, or none, knots, and a bit speckled (pin prick speckles).
But this is from a recollection of 20+ years ago, so not very trustworthy.

Thank you for that lovely jazzy intermezzo.
Well done!

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@rebbel -You’re welcome. I like her voice
As for the wood, of course they don’t carry it at the Woodcraft store but I can get it online….
While I was looking, I saw “bloodwood” and that is very pretty too.I have some time before I start this project. Thanks for your help. :)

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