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If middle-aged people and seniors do their own version of Halloween trick or treating, what are the things we would see?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26685points) October 31st, 2019

Will they get candies or something else? How is it going to be different from the kids version?

By middle-age let’s say 50+

If you like, include adults between age 20–30, 30–40 and 40–50 but kindly indicate the age in your post. Humor naturally welcome.

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Instead of candy when you knock on the door they offer you a choice of shots.

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I used do Halloween with a co-worker, he lived a half mile from me. Yes I’d show up with an empty shot glass, maybe two shots (or more) of top shelf !

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I do this every year at the Twilight Home for the Bewildered and Bereft.

Once round the wards in my overcoat knocking on doors until one opens and then I do my trick.

On rare occasions I’m invited in for a treat.

Must dash, it’s almost the bewitching hour.

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50plus -Antacids, vitamins, Metamucil, Ibuprofen, foot soak, good skin lotion, fuzzy socks w, anti-slip.

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If they choose trick, I’ll give them my junk mail like car warranty, car lot brochures and election time cards.

If they choose treat, a beer.

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Lots of people getting shot dead for trespassing.

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When I was in college we used to go “Trick-or-Drinking”.

One of the neighbors’ daughter’s birthday is Halloween, so every year they have had a combination birthday Halloween party for the neighborhood. While the kids were out getting candy, the parents are having a pot luck with a traditional butternut squash soup.

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My sister lives in San Francisco. There’s a particularly bourgey cul-de-sac near her rental that goes all out for Halloween. Kids get great candy, but parents get glasses of very nice California wine.

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I’m over 50 & IF it was left up to me, Halloween would become nonexistent. I didn’t enjoy Halloween even as a child & I sure don’t enjoy it now!!! I do enjoy watching the little kids get all dressed up & they are so pleased with themselves & how they look. Of course, they have the same reaction when you buy them new clothes that they like.

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One thing for sure, the really old buggers need not wear a mask…

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And egging would be replaced by things like this

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Everyone gets a hit from the bong

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