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Can people return here after they were removed?

Asked by PaisleyFaye (1575points) November 1st, 2019

Some people can be passionate when it comes down to certain topics such as Religion, Politics….ect

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I’ve not been removed yet, so I have no clue. If I ever get removed, I will update you if I get to come back

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Generally not if they’ve been banned. People aren’t banned for passion, they’re banned for repeated nastiness or vitriol and given multiple warnings beforehand.

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I would think that it would depend on WHY you were removed!!! IF you were banned for being passionate, this place would be a ghost town as I see almost EVERY jelly as being passionate!!! Many trolls are rude, disrespectful, & crude. I don’t think that they are banned for being passionate…mainly for being rude, disrespectful, & crude over & over & then over again. I’m sure the mods warn them first & explain how they are crossing the line, thereby giving them the opportunity to change their behavior before banning them. I think those are banned for life.

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Evidently they can judging on the recent removal of one guy, not his first ejection.

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There is a regular troll who comes here occasionally to spam disgusting and immature things on as many thread as possible. He is banned every time he appears and he keeps appearing anyway. So yeah, you can definitely come back if you know how to mask your IP well.

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I have not been booted…

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