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What are some intriguing real life missing persons mysteries?

Asked by josie (30931points) November 4th, 2019

Like Judge Crater.

It would be nice if the answer included the most recent ideas about what happened to them.

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That union guy, from America?
The one that supposedly was buried in/under a stadium.

Madeline McCann.
The girl that disappeared from a Portugal holiday apartment while her parents were eating out with friends.
Some think a pervert snatched her, some think the parents were involved.
Several scenarios go round.
One was that the parents (doctors) sedated her so they could go out and eat, undisturbed, but that they accidentally overdosed, later getting rid of the girl’s body.
Read up on it, if you please, it’s very intriguing.
Fired Portuguese police investigators, psychics, sightings, the lot.
Sad, sad story.

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Jimmy Hoffa, but i’m certain you’re already more than familiar with that story.

Lord Lucan, look him up, if intrigue is what you’re after, his tale won’t disappoint.

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@rebbel That story has always fascinated me. From reports that I’ve read, their culture was a lot more relaxed than others about leaving the kids unattended. But all of the couples took turns checking on the kids throughout the evening. I think an unknown person took her.
Another story that I really want to know the outcome is Jon Bennet Ramsey. Although her body was found, no one was ever arrested for her murder. The parents have always been tossed around as suspects, but the mother has since died of cancer and there was no evidence that supported that theory.

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@chyna True.
If it was the parents, then the other couple (also doctors, I believe?) must also be in the know, one would think.
My gut feeling was that it was an outsider, but later I got a bit suspicious about the parents (that had mainly to do with how they appeared emotionally; not the strongest ground of accusation, I know).

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Lord Lucan. That is indeed intriguing.

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Good lad, you can trust me to pull out an ace.

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Stacy Peterson is one mystery I would like to see solved.

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This one

These three ladies went missing in 92 and we are all still DESPERATE to find them, or at least know what happened. The entire community is still heartbroken.

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My mom’s friend had a daughter that went missing years ago.
They found her car on a seldom used fire road deep in the woods.
They never found a body.
I recently watched an interesting program on Elizabeth Smart

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@rebbel Netflix made a documentary on that case this year. Focused on a known child-trafficking ring that was operating in the area where she went missing.

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Madeline’s parents are implicated in her death, there’s not a shred of doubt.
That’s no reason to hate on them or even seek prosecution.
What happened that night was a heartbreaking tragedy for all those couples present, most of all Kate & Gerry, I feel for them still.

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Pearl Pinson

Fifteen year old girl abducted at gunpoint in front of multiple witnesses in Northern California. Police shootout with suspect that had fled to Southern California. Suspect killed. Belongings and blood found. Girl still missing. Most likely child trafficking. :(

All the cases where the children were abducted from their own rooms is haunting. Makes you want to sleep in a chair next to their beds with clothespins on your eyelids.

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@ucme The picture of Lord Lucan in Wikipedia could be a relative of Brad Pitt with dark hair. What an interesting story.

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Jesus is overdue according to some harpazo estimations.

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@chyna Yeah, glad you took a look.
It’s a story that has endured & a fascinating one to be sure.

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