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To all people who believe in predetermination and who will answer this question: do you realize that you didn't do so out of free will?

Asked by rebbel (33286points) November 4th, 2019

Or is it more complicated?

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“Predetermination,” makes NO sense. It exactly means, that they have NO free will. It means that they are a program…

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Newtonian physics is deterministic. You would not be able to land a probe on a comet that is hundreds of millions of km away, moving at over 100.000 km/h after several gravity-assist slingshot manoeuvres, all calculated in advance, if it were not so.
Randomness at the quantum level and through nuclear decay exists.
Reality is therefore largely deterministic, perturbed by randomness at small scales, and it is not clear to what extent that microscopic randomness actually influences macroscopic events.

“Free will” is therefore nonsensical.
Studies have even shown that your brain makes decisions before you even become consciously aware of them. At most, you can veto those decisions after the fact.
If you have a problem with that, or are offended by it, then you simply have an inflated ego and an unwarrented sense of self-importance.

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Random acts, play a big part.

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Which also works against free will.

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To an extent, yes…

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What @ragingloli said.

@ragingloli: “At most, you can veto those decisions after the fact.”

Even this gets tricky, because you have to cook up some nonsensical concept of a “self” that is not a product of biology or conditioning.

“Our” decisions are made, and it’s more accurate to say that we are made aware of them once they happen.

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^I like that. GA.

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So, in the blame game, it’s “God’s” fault.

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I answered as I answer all questions here, coz it’s a q&a site & so that’s what we’re kinda meant to do.
Couldn’t care less who asks or joins in, unlike some here who actively ignore questions coz they don’t like the author.
I mean really, get over yourselves :D

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I think that predetermination is about going down a road, not what one would do while on that road.
So choice is still up to the person.
Maybe a certain drive to go in a direction is at play but not the actual choices once the decision is made as then its the persons will thereafter.Just my opinion.

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Ok that was funny!

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