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What should i do with my life?

Asked by mmmeme (14points) 1 week ago

What should I do with my life? I have to take an important decision, school. I wanna do maths-informatics or chemistry-biology. i love science, but im not good at it. im truly bad at science, especially chemistry tho i adore it. im good at literature and everything else that has nothing to do with science…and i dont like. i dont wanna be anything related to literature or wtv, i want science…my teachers are telling me not to go on the scientific path bc im not gonna resist and this is just making me feel bad about myself. i mean, im actually doing my best to understand and to become better but it’s just not enough and everyone is telling me that i shouldn’t get in it bc it’s gonna destroy me, mentally. how can i be something i like, if im not good at it? even tho I’m studying for it it’s such a waste! and im so scared that the decision ill make will ruin my crying at the thought that my best is never enough and I’m not capable of anything bc of it. im already stressing tho it’s still 7 months to go. have u ever been in this situation? what’d u do if u were me?...

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I would go into broadcasting start a science blog. Charge a fee, or have advertisements, when you have enough followers. Edit

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I would rather spend a lifetime of working at something that I LOVE over spending a lifetime existing with something that I didn’t even like!!! IF you truly love science, you should be able to dig in & learn more about it as you work it into your daily life!!!

People mean well when they try to guide you into something that THEY think you will like; but, they don’t understand YOUR passion for a particular field. Since you say that you aren’t that good in science, YOU need to determine exactly how hard YOU are willing to work to become good at it!!! Admittedly, you will have to work extra hard & you need to know in your heart that it is worth the extra work!!!

Since I don’t know you at all, I cannot give you sound advice as to what you should do. YOU alone need to make that determination. IF you decide later on that you made a mistake, you can start over again….a little older & a little wiser. Yes, it could make your life a bit more difficult, but many have done the same & gone on to do GREAT things!!!

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The more people tell you not to do something the better you will become at doing it. Only you know what is in your heart and what will be ultimately best for you. I gather you are younger in age and trying to find your way and THE BEST suggestion I can give you is to find a personal mentor who can guide you and give you perspective and not just on your passions for science. Mentors will guide you on how to realize your potentials and help point you in the directions that will give you the best opportunities to work within the areas of work that would cater to your passions in science. Teachers teach, mentors inspire.

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Do what makes you happy and which enables you to support yourself,of course.
It’s your life after all.
Good luck :)

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Lots of people work in an area they love, and life is great. However, there are also people who stop loving because the job involves something they didn’t consider, or they just tire of it being something they have to do. So, sometimes it is better to keep what you love as a hobby, and have a job be what you are good at. There is no way to predict which would happen to you, I just want you to keep that possibility in mind.

Have you considered ring a technical writer? Science geeks frequently have difficulty discussing their area in terms the rest of us can understand. Technical writing requires a knowledge strong enough to be able to follow the scientific text, and plain language skills to put the work into comprehendible terms.

There are a billion or so science related skills out there. If you do enough shopping you should be able to find something you can do well.
You might consider something else completely.
You might learn wine making, or fly helicopter runs to put out wildfires.

It might help us to know what part of the world you live in.

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I need more information. What aspect of chemistry are you bad at? Is it something that you can work on? How can you say you love something when you can’t really do it?

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