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As you go through the day doing and saying things, do you pay privately homage to the people who first taught you that or said it to you first?

Asked by cookieman (37433points) August 29th, 2008

For example: Whenever I flip over a Heinz Ketchup bottle and tap the raised “57” to get it to pour faster, I think of my friend Pete who taught me that.

That’s a light example, but there are many more that involve folks I no longer see or are passed on. How about you?

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Constantly. (I often find myself thanking Fluther…)

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I get so caught up in work and everything else that keeps me sooo busy – and I often forget to do that. Thanks for the reminder…

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I think about the little and big things that I have learned from people along the way. It always makes me feel good that I am able to continue to share with others the things that I have learned from the people who have taught me. It is a nice way to continue their “legacy”. :-)

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I have a small shrine with candles and incense in honor of my 9-grade English teacher (who taught me how to write accurately) and my writer friend at the New Yorker, (who taught me how to write courageously.)

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Funny you mention that, I often think about this.
It is really scary, since I sometimes find myself just R e p e a t i n g what someone told me, or what I read or saw to another person.

So it wasn’t something “I” believed or thought of, just “phrases/quotes” I remembered.

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Yes (thanks, mom) I (thanks, mom) do (thanks, dad). It (thanks, mr rogers) annoys (thanks, mrs Jackson) everyone (thanks, mom).

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Yes, as a foster-kid who wasn’t allowed to mention her mother’s name, I would lie in bed and memorize every saying she’d ever uttered. She liked quotes and had many catchy sayings. I raised myself with those. And I still say them….I’ve said them here, “If you want to meet kind folks, go where folks are kind.” One of my favs<<<

And two more: tee hee…” Absence is to love, as wind is to fire. It extinguishes the small and enkindles the great.”

“Don’t ever date anyone, you wouldn’t think of marrying.” All did me well. I also thank many others throughout my day. I’m eternally grateful to all who saw me as a person…

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constantly. sometimes its a bad thing because my friends in high school, who i learned a lot from, were jackasses.

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I don’t do it quietly. I spread the news – like I chatting with a teacher about how lazy I am, and that I have all these clothes that I never wear because I never get it together to iron them, and then she told me how she does it over at her house. It was like an epiphany! So for the rest of the day, I was telling people how clever she was for doing that….

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I definitely try.

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hot water makes better ice cubes. my ex fiance taught me that.

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Hi Seeker, that is so sad! Did you get to live with your mother again?

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Absolutely. And the beauty of life lies in “paying homage” to those things and people. It’s meaning, and meaning matters more than we realize.

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Always. Everyone you meet leaves their mark on you….it’s only logical to be reminded of people when you say and do certain things.

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