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What's something you can't believe you had to explain to another adult?

Asked by Love_my_doggie (11851points) November 5th, 2019

Something so obvious, so rooted in common sense, you were stunned that a bona fide grown-up didn’t know or understand it.

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That the moon landing was real.

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I have a neighbor who is very religious but had a rough childhood, and asked me who to vote for in 2016. After a brief explanation of both parties, I encouraged her to educate herself, ask around to other people she respected, and to really think about what’s important to her personally. I believe she’s around 28 yrs old.

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That homophobia is the work of the devil & those who indulge in that putrid act should be executed on general principle.

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“Don’t jump off the back of the boat while the motor is running.”
You never know about people.

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That sexist jokes are not funny edit to everyone, and that explains why he was divorced.

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I had to tell a grown ass, 30 something male that the days actually do get physically shorter in winter, and longer moving into spring and summer. He did not know this. He thought it was all because of the time changes. In fact, he all but called me a liar, so I got a week’s worth of newspapers where it lists sunrise and sunset times to the second so he could see for himself that it was coming up about a minute later than the day before, and setting about a minute earlier than the day before. He was astonished.

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That one can calculate the volume of a certain container to see how much soil one needs to get to fill it.
He thought I was messing with him.
Also he wouldn’t believe a liter of one liquid could be heavier than a liter of a different liquid.

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Did you ever ask him “Which weighs more, a ton of feathers or a ton of bricks?” :D

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Some people at work were making small talk about being married (something funny), and I mentioned that I wouldn’t know because I have never been married. One of the men hung his mouth open and said “But you have a daughter!” I said “you don’t have to be married to have a child.” He seemed astonished.

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My first roommate in college did not know that geese can fly. (Yes, she’s an intelligent person, even back then.)

Me: “Look at the geese!” (I like wildlife and tend to point out whatever animal is nearby.)
Her: “Geese can fly?
Me: “They’re birds, of course they can fly!”
Her: “I knew they could swim but I didn’t know they could fly.”
Me: “How do you think they go south in the winter? Paddle down the Mississippi?”

Same roommate didn’t know that earthworms may come out of the soil and show up on the sidewalk after a heavy rain. She had never noticed them before, and as a clean freak, she was completely disgusted by this.

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I can’t see me cuddling up with an earthworm, but I appreciate them for their ecological value.

I once saw one on a dry sidewalk, and the poor little thing looked dehydrated. In a lame attempt to help it, I poured some of my drinking water on it, and to my surprise, it recoiled from the waterfall. I thought, “You live in mud, and yet water repels you?” I guess they prefer being hydrated more gently, instead of being blasted by what must have felt like having Niagara Falls suddenly dropping on it.

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@jca2, the other day 5 year old Zoey and 7 year old Onna and I were looking through my Facebook page. There was a picture of a bunch of cows.
Onna said, “Did some of those cows get married?”
I laughed and said, “Cows don’t get married!”
Onna said, “Well, then how do some of them have babies!”
Momentarily at a loss I didn’t respond.
Zoey looked up at me slyly and said, “She got ya there Gramma!”

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That extreme settings on a thermostat won’t cause faster heating or cooling.

The other side of this frequent conversation is my husband, who happens to be among the most intelligent and erudite people I’ve ever known. He simply can’t comprehend how a thermostat works. If a room’s too hot during summer, he’ll set the temperature to some arctic level and expect instant magic. He does the same in winter; he puts the thermostat at a tropical setting and thinks the room will heat more quickly.

We’ve discussed this matter SO many times, more times than I can even recall. He always laughs at himself, good-naturedly, and says that he finally understands…that is, of course, until the next time.

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