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Can you remember what colors make other colors?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) November 5th, 2019

I only knew for a short time in kindergarten? Then I forgot. All I know now is red and blue make green, and I forgot how to make black and white. What about you?

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Oh I love this…

Red & black…Purple
Yellow & white…Orange

That’s all I got :D

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I do but then I use color every day and it is a part of my job.

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I’m wrong aren’t I?

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I meant to say blue & red make purple & red & yellow makes orange.
No way did I just google that :D

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Red & white make pink, coz I just stirred the strawberry yoghurt i’m eating.

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@ucme is cheating.

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@chyna I red it that way as well

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Black is all colors, white is the absence of color.

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Yes, I’m an artist so I do know. You can look up “the color wheel” and it will show you.

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The crazy one is the primary colors of light. It’s really weird when you add a red light and a green light, and the result is yellow light.

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My tactics were shady at most & besides, us lovable rogues can get away with that shit! :D

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I do know that if you zap blue out of the equation you are left with green and or yellow and why most laundry detergents are blue so line dried tidy whities are still white and not yellow when you hang dry in the sun. Copier paper is made with blue dye for similar reasons so it looks ultra white when feeding through the copier.

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I never found it difficult. I can still see the yellow and the red in the color orange, just like I can still see the blue and yellow in green. It’s something I do with the grandkids a lot, mixing colors to see what we come up with.
If you zap blue out the equation you are left with red and yellow and and orange, but not green because you need blue to mix with yellow to get green.

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@RedDeerGuy1 is wrong too. I remember my main pigment mixes. Color in light mixes differently though, and I tend to forget those.

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Around here the air gets really yellow before a bad thunderstorm…and it makes the green traffic lights look blue! It’s really cool.

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@Zaku I just remembered the Ziplocs commercial. Red and blue makes green. My tv has been lying to me all along.

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I was just talking about this with another jelly a few weeks ago. Yes, I remember.

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ME: I can’t imagine forgetting this.

ALSO ME: [goes to grocery store and buys a ton of stuff except for the one thing they came into the store for]

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Here is a paint color mixing site.

The ones I remembered were for the secondary colors:
red + blue = violet
blue + yellow = green
yellow + red = orange

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@RedDeerGuy1 Pigments and light combine differently.

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