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What is your favorite coffee?

Asked by Vignette (1348points) 1 week ago

I will take both caffeinated and and decaf brands but my focus is on the caffeinated versions for now. I love coffee and few things are more disappointing to me than a lousy cuppa Joe. I find little joy in the coffees my grocer carries and have better luck with local roasters. I can’t always make the trek to them and would love to have a convenient source of rock solid really good coffee.

I have zero faith in online reviews based on miserable failures going that route so I was hoping some here would have some good recommendations. Obviously this would be coffees I can order online.

I find I get the best cups of coffee from whole beans and have to say Starbucks as a bench mark gets little favor from me and my own tastes. Their coffee smells great and first sips are decent, but their coffee just seems to get very bitter and undrinkable after a few minutes.

If you have a brewing technique that is paramount to the ultimate cup of coffee add that in as well.

Just to throw out my own gem in the rough, Ruby roasts some stellar coffees I will nab anytime I am on the back roads around Madison or order online. Help me expand my repertoire of beans on hand.

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Starbuck’s is literally made from the garbage beans, purchased for pennies at the big auctions. (I used to know one of the buyers). They’re focus is to push the fluffy fancy drinks.

That said, I find Seattle’s Best Coffee to be my day-to-day fave, and Peet’s is good, too.

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@canidmajor -That explains a lot.
I recently bought a bag of beans at a little market that I like. It’s not too strong and it is very smooth.I do not know the name so you will have to show up at my door around 4 AM to judge for yourself.

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Kauai Coffee Estate Reserve Peaberry either dark or medium. I also buy beans from World Market at one of their stores not on-line

I brew using a Mr Coffee drip with a permanent metal filter or a French press.

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@canidmajor, thanks for confirming my hunch about Starbucks the cheapness aspect is not surprising at all.

Thanks @Tropical_Willie I recently had the opportunity to try out some peaberry beans from Mexico and was impressed by the very unique flavor of those tiny gems. I have a World Mkt on my way home from work I will now have to stop at and peruse their coffees. Huge fan of the French press and also use a tea ball for quick one cup perk-me-ups. Thanks!

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My absolute favorite coffee is White Horse Coffee

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Thanks @Caravanfan I have to try the Ladies From Hell blend just to have the bag on display here at work. Thanks!

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Graffeo Coffee Dark Roast is by far the best regular drip coffee ever.

The best test for a cup of coffee is how well it goes with a breakfast of bacon and eggs and good toast. And Graffeo is superb.

It is pricey, $19.50 a lb. and it is available at two stores (one in San Francisco, one in San Rafael) or by mail. But they are no way near as pretentious as Blue Bottle or other “artisanal” roasters.

Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend is good if you are out of Graffeo.

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I like Dunkin’ Donuts® Dunkin Dark, 100% Arabica beans (higher altitude, less harsh.) Always get the beans if you can.

Personally I hate Starbucks and think it tastes burnt. If I get a gift card, I give it away.

I am also a cheapskate and refuse to pay very much for coffee, since I get really good coffee at work, so Dunkin is my compromise…lol

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@zenvelo I do like Peets and the Mjr Dickasons is good and very assertive which is great on weekends. I am primarily looking for something to carry the day for my 12 cups of coffee I brew at work. I want a ‘drinker’ that holds it’s own in the pot and drinkable for 2–3 hours. Will take a close look at the Graffeo.

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@KNOWITALL I will give it to Dunkin for having one of the best aromas when it is brewing. That just screams COFFEE TIME!

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I drink mine black, but I can’t really taste enough difference to have a favorite. I buy whatever is cheapest. We recently stocked up when we found a sale for 16 cents a pound.

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My favorite is Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. It has a great smell, a wonderful taste, and isn’t overpowering or acidic. This is a type of coffee, like Hawaiian Kona or Columbian or Kenya AA. It is a medium roast Arabica bean. I have found several companies that put it out for sale and have tried several and all of them are consistently good. I just brew it by the pot in my normal drip coffee maker.

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@seawulf575 Is this a particular brand? I know of Jamaican Blue Coffee, the rarest of beans and is generally outside my budget for coffee. My secy brought some home from her trip to Jamaica where it is more affordable and was indeed very good. The only Jam Blues I can find locally are blends and I feel is a similar trap like “real Maple syrup” is. Ya just don’t know what you are getting so much of the time.

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The kind that tastes like Diet Coke.

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Arabica, medium roast

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@Vignette I had some this morning as a matter of fact.

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@Vignette As I said, I found a few stores that have it. They may be the “real maple syrup” of coffee, but it has consistently been good. Thankfully we have a store nearby that has it for sale. It is actually their store brand so it is about the same price as other blends and they will every so often run a “buy 2 get 3 free” offer. I stock up when I see those!

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I confess that, within limits, I can’t tell the difference between coffees. I like Wawa hazelnut, unsweetened, with skim milk.

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@LostInParadise I do enjoy a cup of flavored decaf at night when I am exercising but for a real gussied up cup of coffee I prefer a good strong cup of coffee with a whole Snickers bar. Now that is an energy drink.

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I don’t really drink coffee, and don’t stock any myself. On the rare occasion when I do drink it (usually at a diner or at a visit to someone’s house) I just drink whatever’s given me.

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Stewart’s Coffee, McCafe, Dunkin, and believe it or not, Speedway. Speedway brand is just amazingly good somehow!

I choose light to medium roast. The lighter the coffee the more the caffeine.

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And I wholeheartedly agree with @KNOWITALL , Starbucks is terrible.

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I have never had Starbucks.
Back in the day, when I didn’t have to worry about calories, I enjoyed those specialty instant coffees. They were more like hot chocolate than coffee, though.

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