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Missing for a month came back twice as big?

Asked by jsnookums (4points) August 29th, 2008

our kitten was missing for a month, we found her yesterday but shes at least twice as big. im sure its her, she has all the same marking and behaviors although her best bud soxx she growls at then hides. but i figure thats from being scared and outside for a month!! anyhow is it possible for her to grow so fast in just a short time..she is just now 6 months old so from 5 months to six months!?

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At least she returned. Some misguided but kind people will leave bowls of cream out for stray cats.

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ive been told by the people in the neighboring yard with the tips that told us where she was that she has seen her with a mouse in her mouth so i know she was eating, but shes not fat she is just grown, her whole body just doubles in size in a month! this is not one of know when your child is gone for a few weeks and oh my how they have grown..its more like oh my*speechless!*

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If she’s grown that much, someone’s been feeding her. There’s no way she would look that good if she was hunting on her own.

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It may not be your kitty then! Once my mother saw “our” cat several houses up the street, so she stopped the car, scooped up the kitty and brought her home. The kitty acted strangely in the house, and I immediately knew it was not ours! The resemblance was uncanny, though.

Kittens don’t literally double in size from 5–6 months of age, regardless of how well they are fed. Did you have a microchip put in the cat? Check with your vet… they can see of this cat has a chip or maybe they know of some other way to identify it. It may be an older sibling or the parent of your kitten if yours was a local stray. Good luck!

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heres the scoop! a couple of my daughters so called friends, she knows better now came by our house once to see if she could hang out. we were not home, they came in the house and stole some of my daughters things and magic. they put magic on some random ladies porch rang the bell and ran. magic hid before the lady came to the door, she recalls a couple of girls running off laughing right about the same time a black kitten showed up under her porch. we looked for weeks for her, posted signs went door to door all the while thinking she was just missing so only in our neck of the woods so to speak. then we found out a few days ago what these girls had done and went to the house where they said she was left and spoke with the lady who then recalled that night to us that they ran off laughing but said she sad not seen her in about a week. so we posted fliers around there and went door to door. the ladies neighbor called that day and told me she has been seeing a black cat running across her yard every morning and so we went and checked it out not there again the next morning not there then about 3 hrs later she called back and said the kitty was out on the dock..sure enough it was her or so i hope!! at first i was sure it was not her cause of her size. but my girls insisted so we brought her home…she has the same personality.other then growling at soxx same looks (can i post pics on here?) she was in the same yard she was left in and the only black cat known to those two neighbors belongs to the man across the street and she was not his? how do u tell for sure probably should have been my first question? everything..other then the size, my dog even just sniffed her and ran! he has only ever been affraid of her. hes pals with our other kittys.

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Maybe she is pregnant?

August 29, 2008, 1:12 PM EDT

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she is fixed with all shots!!

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The shots didn’t “take,” maybe?

“Life finds a way.”

Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park

August 29, 2008, 1:19 PM EDT

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ohhh hahaha…no silly, they surgically fixed her!

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It doesn’t surprise me that she is now growling at soxx (if she actually is your cat), because cat’s don’t have good memories. I saw a documentary where they said that a mother won’t recognize her kittens if she has been away from them for around two weeks or more. So she is probably growling at soxx because she doesn’t remember. If she sticks around I’m sure soxx with grow on her again.

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