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Do you get a lot of snow in the winter where you are?

Asked by ucme (50037points) November 6th, 2019

Are you getting any yet?
Do you enjoy this snow?
Can you send some over please?

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Snowed today-didn’t stay
I like it a lot-better than hot
Yes,I will-Bill

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@lucillelucillelucille Consider yourself fortunate, all we have is rain, rain & more rain!
Cheers Sharon :)

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I am between a high plains desert and mountains on the west side of the Rocky Mountains in the USA. If it snows, it doesn’t usually do much, then the sun comes out and it melts off. Usually. I would estimate the winter temps are around 25 degrees average for lows and mid thirties for highs.
No snow yet. Our high today (Nov. 6, 2019) was 61 and sunny. Same weather expected for the next week at least.
I work outside all year and can’t work with fresh snow on the ground. I can get some work done when the snow melts some but it’s a pain to do so. Would much rather have the nice spring weather just before the grass starts to green up and before it gets too hot.
Would like very much to send you all the snow I can, if I could, when it does get here.

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@kritiper I hear you mate, snow is not really practical especially when it gets in the way of work, but can be lots of fun in small doses.

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We don’t get much over here, forecast is for ton of snow throughout December but they say that every year so we shall see.
Truth be told, I’m itching for a good old snowball fight!

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Yep, we do. Supposed to be a good snow winter according to persimmons.

We’ve only had a dusting so far, maybe some flurries Thursday. If it doesnt affect the roads, its fine. By January, my bday is usually a snowy nightmare. I hate winter.

If you’re craving snow keep your plans to come in spring lol

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@KNOWITALL See, even words like “dusting” & “flurries” sound lovely, what’s not to love about snow?
If I was there for your birthday you’re pretty much guaranteed to feel a snowball slap off your bum…that’s how I roll baby :D

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@ucme I’ll watch from inside, thank you.

Right now its a thunderstorm with lightning. Missouri weather is crazy.

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I hate the lightning with a passion, makes you feel so small in the universe.
This iddy biddy speck of cowardly pussy hiding under a table…

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Nope. We go off to the mountains if we want snow. We just ride bikes and play tennis all year.

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@zenvelo Now that’s just showing off! ;-}

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@ucme Really? i adore storms, just not snow storms. Your poor nerves wouldnt make it thru tornado season lol

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Not where I am in Florida. My husband recently took a job in Nashville, Tennessee, and that city usually gets some snow every year. It paralyzes Tennessee, because they dint have good snow removal, and it’s a very moderate climate, so the snow usually is very wet, and it get too warm o it starts to melt, and then overnight is freezes up and becomes a sheet of ice. No one can drive on ice. They close down interstate highways sometimes, but it’s rare, maybe once every 5 years.

I grew up in snowy places though; in DC and NY. I went to college in the snow belt of our country. We call it lake effect snow up in the Great Lakes region.

The snow has started in some places here in America.

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Here in the Valley, we get zero snow, and can, in fact, use our pool all year long. However, drive one hour and you can find tons of snow to your hearts content at least six months of the year, often more.

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Rain is pretty much snow here.

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Our average snow per year is around 8inches, but half an hour north of they get about three feet.
No snow yet this year but will probably see it within the next week or two.

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Yes twice so far. Very unusual to get it this early. I had to shovel the sidewalks for Trick or Treaters. We get about 4 feet of now per winter on average.

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When I was a kid, if the school didn’t call a snow day on the first day of a good snow, by God, my mom did!

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Not now. I spent decades in NE Ohio…right in the snow belt. I once saw a rating of the highest snow rates in the US and our area was right at about number 2. Yes, we were number 2….I said it. When I got fed up with my job, I asked my wife where she would live if she could live anywhere in the country. The first thing she listed is that she wanted to move south because she was tired of snow. When I came down here (North Carolina), it was in January. About two weeks later, they canceled school on Thursday (it was Monday when they canceled it) because there was a forecast of snow. It was like entering a different world!

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