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What website do you use to get weather updates?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30581points) November 7th, 2019 is OK for forecasts but is not so good for maps and current patterns.

I used to like but they changed their maps a couple months ago and are not as good or informative. – too many ads, too simplistic, too much non-weather garbage on each screen. Slow

What is your go-to weather website?

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rebbel's avatar, amongst others.

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I use the Met Office website. I don’t go anywhere else.

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I am a weather app junkie. Weather channel app, Accuweather app, a couple of NOAA apps, weather underground app, weather bug app, and a couple others. I go through until I have an idea of the average, then I pick the forecast/assessment that I like best.

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@flutherother sadly, the Met Office doesn’t include the USA. I guess we can blame King George because he lost the colonies 243 years ago.

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It gives forecasts for most American (and world) cities. Just type the name in.
PS. We’re ready to move back in if things get anymore crazy over there.

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@flutherother you have your own issues these days

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Weatherbug on Android

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I tend to look out of the windows

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And this to see how much snow is in the forecast. You just click on the blue square that is your local NWS authority and it gives you how many inches of snow are forecasted.

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Usually, my AccuWeather app.

I don’t check the weather regularly though. I can go days and sometimes weeks without looking at the weather.

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I used to like Accuweather too. If I just want the forecast I look on local Fox affiliate station’s website. If I’m trying to find out about tropical storm forecasts, I go to It’s feed from the government’s site.

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I use and enter my zip code. It has real data and no ads.

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I agree with vignette, Weatherbug is a really good WEATHER APP!!

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@LuckyGuy The Weather Station is the brunt of jokes for sensationalizing. I can hardly listen to any of the videos. I have done what you do, though…..putting in zip for straight-forward forecasts. But the videos… from them!

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@Sagacious the one good thing that Weather Channel does is run those Canadian tow truck rescue videos at night. They’re interesting.

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