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How do all the chickens, weigh the same?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16914points) November 7th, 2019

I was looking at rotisserie chickens today, at the store. There were like 30. Each claimed that it weigh 28 ounces. I tested several, on the produce scales. They were all in that range. A bit heavier, because of packaging, and juices.

How is this possible?

Shouldn’t they all be different weights?

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You’ve just made me think of something I’ve never thought about before. Lol!
Maybe they increase or decrease the amount of brine to f with your head. Maybe they’re harvested when they reach a certain weight? Or perhaps certain breeds easily stay within certain weight parameters with a regulated diet?
Now I will be stalking chickens at the store to see for myself.

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Don’t know for sure but here is my guess…
They put the chickens in the rotisserie. It has a fixed temperature and so the only other variable is time. They want to make it idiot proof so the workers can’t screw up, so they make sure all the chickens weigh the same so they all get cooked at the same time rather than variable times based on weight.
That’s all I got

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Yeah, something wrong with that, I cry fowl.

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That question laid an egg.

Answer: groceries specific to their chicken suppliers: I want 10,000 medium chickens. The poultry farmer knows which genetic line grows smaller or larger; the farmer essentially uses their breeding and artificial insemination to raise chickens not to exceed a certain size.

We’re not talking free range wild chickens – we’re talking factory grown chickens.

note about 95% of all turkey and chickens sold in the US were artificially inseminated. I had a summer job – a terrible one – when I was 18, working in a turkey coop. I picked up the turkey hen and my co-worker got a syringe full of semen and, well, injected it in the right place.. It’s gross and smelly.

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Factory-farmed chickens. They’re force fed, kept immobile, and killed when they reach the desired weight.

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@hmmmmmm Pretty just posted what I has going to.

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@hmmmmmm I don’t believe they are force fed (like foie gras), but otherwise , yes true.

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@josie is correct as I worked in the Bakery and assisted the Deli and meat department who had rotisserie chickens cooking. Once I helped by holding the handle that held the chickens in place and was told that they had to be weighed first as he put only all five pound chickens on . He stated that they had to be cooked at a certain temperature and for a certain amount of time.
He had another batch of chickens which all weight slightly more and he kept them separate to cook after the five pound ones were done since he had to change the temp and time for the bigger ones.

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