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What does it mean when the message "scan to computer is currently unavailable" pops up on your laptop?

Asked by 2davidc8 (9458points) 1 week ago

I’m on a Windows 7 laptop and I connect to the internet via WiFi.

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My printer has a setting where I can stand at the printer, perform a scan, & then send it direct to my computer. When the message you reference pops up, the file doesn’t go direct to the computer. Since I always get this message at an inopportune time, I’ve never researched how to stop it. I can still get the scan IF I initiate it from the computer. So, I’ve stopped even trying to get the printer to scan to the computer. I take my laptop with me when I need to scan & I initiate the scan from my laptop…NEVER fails to work!!!

When I tried to pull up the fix, every link went to HP. Any chance your printer/scanner is an HP???

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The underlying software that handles communication from the scanner is called TWAIN software. If your scanner isn’t talking, the issue could be that the TWAIN software, usually embedded in your other software, isn’t working.

Or is could be something as simple as the cable from the scanner is loose or unplugged.

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@LadyMarissa Yes, it’s an HP. Thanks for the info. When you get the message, have you tried rebooting the printer, and does the message then go away?

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