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Who inspires you?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (30752points) 1 week ago

Is it someone you know personally?
What is it about this person that is inspiring to you?

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My girlfriend.
Her fighting spirit.
Her stamina.
Her tenacity.

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@rebbel -That is a very nice thing to say about her :)

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My Dad. He’s been gone for 26yrs now but he still inspires me to do good things. When I’m about to go through something tough I always ask for his help.

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@Coolhandluke – Same here. My dad was the toughest person I’ve ever known.

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My dog. That little animal reminds me every day that every moment is a moment to live and enjoy in every and any way I can. I look at her and see a life form that is essentially unencumbered by any of the trappings and distractions in life I have and she is simply happy. The kind of happy I wake up and want to have in my life each day. She inspires me to live in the moment and love those around me unconditionally in the way she loves me. I cannot think of a better inspiration to have from any one.

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Mother Teresa.

I adore people who recognize the need for children to be saved and do anything in their power to help them.

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@KNOWITALL -Those commercials for St. Judes are heartwrenching but strangely uplifting at the same time.Those kids are tough.

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@lucillelucillelucille Agreed. I don’t know how anyone can’t be moved by them.
That’s about the only time I wish I were rich, so I could save all the babies and all the animals, and all the oldsters alone and in pain.

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@KNOWITALL _Yep. I used to work at the Humane Society- not for long though.

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@lucillelucillelucille Oh I bet, was it horrid? I tried to volunteer but they said they wouldn’t excuse anyone on euthanasia day, so I couldn’t do it, to protect my sanity and my soft heart. Luckily they are now a no-kill. Just walking in the door there breaks my heart.

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@KNOWITALL -It was heartbreaking. Frankly, Idk how the no-kills support themselves.They must refuse a lot of animals?

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@lucillelucillelucille Oh yeah, all our shelters are full so people dump them in areas like mine. It’s horrible. Just awhile back someone left a bunch of kittens on one of our busiest roads and a few got hit, but someone stopped traffic to rescue the others. :(

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@KNOWITALL -That kind of thing is appalling.
My sister gets a lot of drop offs as well

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Movie and literary characters mostly, followed by several real people who are mostly dead.

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