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When was the last time you ate veg?

Asked by rebbel (31194points) November 8th, 2019

You know, the (often) green, healthy stuff?
How long ago, and what was it?
For me, yesterday evening, zucchini, in a macaroni dish.
Ah, and green olives with basil.

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Last night, last time I ate, I had Brussels sprouts and broccoli along with my sirloin.

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I have not been sufficiently flexible for that in years.

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Everyday I do. Whether I want to or not.

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I had a healthy helping of collard greens yesterday with my lunch

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Everyday. I even sprinkle chopped asparagus on my oatmeal.

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This morning, in my omelette.

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None of your fucking busi..oh veg

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Last night, leftovers coming in about 15 minutes.

I made a stir fry with steak, cabbage, mushrooms, green onions, carrots and garlic, with a little rice. Yummy.

@vignette Asparagus on oatmeal? Wow, was it good?

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Yesterday yI had about ½ of a Sonic breakfast burrito. It has all kinds of onions and tomatoes and stuff in it.

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@Dutchess_III Mmmm, I love Sonic breakfast burrito’s, too!
I don’t indulge that often but good stuff.

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Today, munched on carrots and celery while driving.

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I order them with no tater tots and no jalapeno peppers and extra cheese. I can’t eat a whole one!

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@Dutchess_III The junior breakfast burrito is under 300 calories. Many people don’t even know they sell it.

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Yes but it doesn’t have as much in the way of the veggies. It’s more sausage dense.

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@Dutchess_III Oh I see. I always eat the second half for

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Every day i eat veg. Tonight BBQ pork, green beans, wild rice

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I’m Slavic, so I barely see a vegetable lol.

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Why’s that, @olgamolga?
What has being Slavic to do with it?

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Slavic people originally eat very hardy food, so meat and potatoes, unless that is a vegetable lol. But OMG yeah, I had carrots in my macaroni last night, haha. So the main vegetables I eat are carrots, onions, garlic, and potatoes.

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@olgamolga Aha, I see.
Not much leafy, green stuff, or beans then?
Welcome to Fluther.

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Last night I had General Tso’s vegan “chicken” with carrots and broccoli.

Why is there a button in the upper right corner of the OP, that’s telling me to Stop Following this question? ;-o

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I do nearly everyday. I do mostly vegan based type foods. I am cooking up some zucchini as I type.

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I had fresh mustard greens two hours ago.

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