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Has anyone else seen the movie “Laundromat” with Meryl Streep, Antonio Banderas, Gary Oldman, Sharon Stone, etc.

Asked by stanleybmanly (20624points) 1 week ago from iPhone

I really would like to discuss the movie in one of the chat rooms. It’s free on Netflix

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No, but I will now.

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Streep will no doubt, regardless of her performance, gain another Oscar nomination.

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Yes! Did you feel frustrated too? The story about the overturned cruise boat is true. Lake George .

Let’s not forget the fraud that took place during the 2008 bank, real estate, and mortgage crash.

If you like this movie please check out The Big Short.

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I saw the Big Short of course, but had never heard of “The Laundromat”. The movie is fascinating in its basic premise on the meek getting screwed and the virtual impossibility in the United States for the prevalence of just taxation. The Mossack—Fonesca scheme was but one of thousands of scams hiding hundreds of billions of dollars from taxation.

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I turned on The Laundromat on Netflix and , to me, it was so boring I turned it off .

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The movie flits about, yet is an excellent tutorial on the stark choices around the reality that you are either going to screw others or be roundly screwed yourself.

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I was riveted. I liked how they talk to the camera to explained some of the tricks of the trade.
Shell companies, hiding shell companies in countries and locations where there is no chance of prosecution.

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