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Who would you rather, save you during the night of the Annual Purge?

Asked by PaisleyFaye (475points) 1 week ago

This can be anyone. John Wick, Frank Castle, ...ect

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Penelope Pittstop

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The Terminator.

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Harry Potter

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What Annual Purge?

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It’s a movie, just do a Forrest Gump & run with it!

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James Bond (Daniel Craig)... ya’ll wouldn’t even see me leave (and neither would I because I’d be staring with puppy eyes at Bond.) haha!

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@KNOWITALL Haha, guess you like to be shaken & stirred lol

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@ucme Yessir! By Bond anyway.

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@KNOWITALL Have you seen Layer Cake, he gets his kit off in that…not that he does anything for me.

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@ucme No, I haven’t and I had to look up ‘kit’
I’ll see if it’s on Netflix for later wink wink.

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@KNOWITALL Sorry pet, keep forgetting I’m a foreigner :D
But yeah, knock yourself out :-)

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Ripley but she has to wear the gray tank top when she does.

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Jennifer Lawrence. We could get drunk after and laugh our asses off.

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I never saw the movie, but I’d go with John Wick because there is nothing not awesome about Keanu Reeves.

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Frank Castle (specifically the version from the Netflix series, played by Jon Bernthal).

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@Darth_Algar Good choice….Frank can take on a room full of bad guys with just his chin.

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Hit Girl

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I’d spend the night killing other “purgers.” Probably from a sniper position, with my Browning .308. I’d have a bottle next to me, so I’d become less effective as time went on… I couldn’t just kill people. But. Under such circumstances, I would deem the one’s who would targets… And therfore disposable…

I’d save me. If anyone got close enough.

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@ucme That Name sounds familiar, Is that a Cartoon Character? Lol

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@ Lucillelucillelucille hmmm, why Howie long?

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@PaisleyFaye Of course, she’s the cock teasing bitch in Wacky Races :D

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@PaisleyFaye Well, she knows Peter Perfect fancies her but will never date him, just strings him along like a lil ol’ tease :D

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I already have a tight knit group for this. All our families would pull together at a time like this and take care of each other. I don’t believe we have much to worry about.

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I have to give @Coolhandluke some back here. My friends and I will often share a house during a bad hurricane. We all grew up together. We weren’t angels, and pulled off some crazy/stupid shit… Together, we’re like a special forces unit. Regardless of the situation, my money is on us.

We are a tribe. A tribe that nobody should fuck with. Our forces combined, make us especially formidable. We are resourceful, and have a variety of talents. Some of us have kids. That’s why we ride the hurricanes together. To keep us ALL safe. I’d bet my life on them. I often have.
They have NEVER let me down. We have been through some shit I’d NEVER talk about online. Trust me, we’d get through just about anything.

I will say that we’ve built houses together, and made repairs outside in the midst of some bad hurricanes. We’ve had a few giant house parties, turn into huge fights. We love each other, and each of us has, at one point or another, put our lives on the line for the other.

There is no substitute for experience. We have plenty of that. Love, determination, and experience, cannot be overrated.

I’m comfortable taking care of myself. But a different me comes out, to defend my tribe… Same with my tribe. You don’t want to fuck with MY tribe…

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