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Is it possible to create an offline website for touch screens?

Asked by 200817476 (4points) 1 week ago

My school is looking for affordable software to create a presentation on a touch screen. We were wondering if it would be feasible to download a WP template and store it offline on an i5 computer on the touchscreen?

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Theoretically yes, but the devil is always in the details.

The touch screen (specifically the touch) is a local function that doesn’t go over the internet. The x-y coordinates are transmitted to the web server (which would be local) but no further.

Then, the web server (which would be local to that machine) would serve up the WordPress page and do its thing.

The issue isn’t the touch. it’s the WP dependencies. What does the WP page need to operate? Is it looking for style sheets (or other data) back on the WP site? Or is it self-contained? I don’t know those answers.

[If you made your own web page – not using WP but building your own – this would be simple to do. It’s the WP aspect where it gets tricky.]

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Yeah, although it is also possible to take a Word Press page as served by some other server, and then do a Save Page to a file from a web browser, and then load that file in a web browser, and it can end up pretty close to the appearance of the page when served by Word Press.

It’s a hacky way to get a static web page that was laid out using a WordPress template, without needing to deal with WordPress.

I found it pretty easy to do, but that may just be because of my skill set and tastes (I’m a programmer who can tolerate doing some work in HTML, CSS and Javascript, but who hates the dependency hell of WordPress).

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